Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness with Gemstone Healing in Liverpool
Meditation and mindfulness with Gemstone Healing in Liverpool

Mindfulness and meditation is key to managing your mental health, hence the A to Z of Mindfulness and Mindfulness that I’ve created to hopefully provide you with everything you need to know.

I’m practicing meditation and mindfulness due to my mental health state deteriorating to a point that I was damaging both my personal and work life. I ended up being diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and I wanted to AVOID EVERYTHING!

I spent lots of wasted time trying to find the trigger of my downward spiral, believing that once I figured it out, I would cure myself. The problem is, there could be more than several issues that contributed to my downfall and not managing my stress and mental health was a major factor.

It doesn’t matter what profession you have or what your status is in life, we all suffer stress at some point. We need stress, the fight or flight situation helps us to survive, but it becomes a major problem when you find yourself continually fighting. This has an impact on your physical and mental health and this is when you’re prone to conditions such as depression or anxiety.

A to Z Meditation and Mindfulness

Join me on my meditation and mindfulness journey as I learn new techniques and information that I can share with you in my monthly A to Z of meditation and mindfulness.

If you would like to share information that would help, please get in touch or join the Gemstone and Tarot Facebook group.

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