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Reiki master, life coach, mentor, jewellery designer, gemstone healer, teacher, tarot reader and chakra healer

Amanda Norman holding a piece of rainbow fluorite

I love all those who try to serve, whether it be with healing or in any other form of mediumship. I love them all, for I know the difficulties they will encounter because that is an integral part of their mission. In the case of a healer, you have to suffer in order to have the essential compassion for sufferers to come to you. It is only when you have plumbed the depths yourself that you have the rightful feeling for others who turn to you when there is nowhere else to go

Silver Birch on healing

My name is Amanda and the quote above from Silver Birch resonates immensely with me.

Gemstone Healing is my domain where I share with you, my personal journey of transformation to be an accredited life coach helping others. I believe fully that this is my purpose in life and through my own struggles, I have the compassion and experience to help others.

Life is magical when you realise the wonders of the universe and that happiness is within us. I’m like a wild eyed child again, happy, excited and I’m loving life! Of course, there are days when it doesn’t go well and nobody is that perfect, but I soon bounce back as I’ve learned the importance of being in the present moment and practising forgiveness and gratitude.

Create your journal

Gemstone Healing is my journal and everything that you read here has helped me on my personal journey. I sincerely hope you get something from it and if you would like my help, please do get in touch.

I highly recommend that you journal your experience as it’s a form of meditation and healing. Writing in a journal will help you to understand how far you have come in your own healing process. I write daily about what I’m grateful for, but I also include self-gratitude that has helped me to love who I am. Why shouldn’t you give yourself a big pat on the back when you’ve done something great?

Anxiety Hell

My suffering culminated in a diagnosis of General Anxiety Disorder and it didn’t start suddenly out of the blue. I must have been unknowingly struggling for many months, if not years.

Stress was a major factor and I remember on many occasions going to the smoking shelter and creasing over due to my stomach physically hurting. I felt that I was mentally losing it and I had started chain smoking, two cigarettes instead of one. This is when I looked up the symptoms and I discovered anxiety. I gave up smoking in September 2018!

Paranoia, insomnia and negative feelings such as ‘why am I here, why did she look at me like that and what is the point to all of this?‘, were very much constant.

It got to a point where I shut myself off and stayed at home, where I felt alone and safe, but this in turn caused feelings of sadness that I was missing out on life, plus I was then worrying about losing my job.

In kicked the anxiety again as I knew that I had to get out and do something about it. The merry go round of anxiety was constant with what felt like no escape!

I had zero respect for my mind, body and spirit.

I paid myself no attention at all.

I never listened to my inner voice or saw the signs that I needed a break.

Instead, I avoided everything and pushed harder and harder to get more and more work completed and in return more acceptance off my peers. I was out to impress, but never to impress or look after myself as I felt I wasn’t worthy.

My anxiety was destroying my relationships with work colleagues, friends, family and my partner Mark.

I found a NHS group called Talk Liverpool and I self-referred myself after speaking with someone on the phone who, during that conversation diagnosed me with General Anxiety Disorder.

At the same time, I visited my GP and I told him that I don’t feel right and that I’m not myself. I wanted reassurance that it wasn’t my over active thyroid creating the problems, which it wasn’t!

He signed me off work with stress and offered me tablets to assist, but I said no as I wanted to try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy first, which put me on the first step to recovery.

Please LIKE ME!

Social media didn’t help either and I’m now aware how soul destroying Facebook can be if you’re not mindful.

I’m a passionate Gothic horror photographer and in my spare time, I love creating artwork. Picture this, excuse the pun!

With everything I described above about pushing harder and harder to get more and more work completed in the day, I would then come home from work, edit my photography, upload it to the likes of Twitter and Facebook and then see how many likes I got.

In order to be successful and noticed, I was under the impression that you have to work hard on promoting yourself, especially if you have no money. The problem here is that I was continually looking for the LIKES and I really did crave the likes and when I didn’t get any, self doubt and self critical judgement took over. I had formed a very unhealthy habit of chasing likes, which also led to a feeling of acceptance.

Facebook is bloody annoying when you think about it. How much negativity do you see on your feed a day and how many times have you realised that people have a fake persona or they’re certainly not how you imagined them to be?

I simply unfollow people who are constantly negative and at first I used to feel pained at doing this. When I got into the mindset that I come first and that there’s no place for this type of negativity in my life, it got easier to do.

Managing Mental Health

I’ve been doing a lot of research into mental health and I’ve read things about traumatic childhood, health issues etc. I tick the boxes alright, but I’m here to tell you that you can manage your mental health. I’m also here to tell you to not to be afraid of what people think of you for admitting that you have mental health issues.

I admitted my anxiety issues where I used to work in Warrington at Golden Square that led to the creation of GS Cares. I left their employment in 2019 to advance my career in health and safety that subsequently never worked out.

Having an employer who puts well-being as a priority for their workforce is wonderful and for me to admit my anxiety back then was a massive step in the right direction, but I don’t mind admitting how bloody scary it was!

With the support of the centre management and under the banner of GS Cares, I setup daily meditations for staff to attend, put on some mindfulness and meditation courses to share the benefit and knowledge I had learned and I even provided Reiki.

I was also available for colleagues if they needed someone to talk to as talking does help. Golden Square has since been recognised for their continued development with mental health and wellbeing and I wish them lots of continued success.

If I can turn my anxiety around, so can you!

One of the BIGGEST turning points in my life is happening now as I write this!

My new health and safety position didn’t work out as I resigned after 6 months. I cannot and will not remain in a toxic environment where health and safety takes a back seat unless there’s an audit or an important visit coming up.

The HEALTH in health and safety is just as important as safety, and I took these values with me, had conversations with the leaders, to no avail!

It was time to put my trust in my inner voice and become self-employed as a life coach and a mentor, because I know I can make a difference, not only for myself, but for others too!

I put my letter of resignation in and then the COVID-19 pandemic struck with LOCKDOWN! At one time, my head would be in a crazy spiralling out of control spin right now, but I’m LOVING LIFE!

I’m steadfast that the universe is listening to me and making my dreams come true and even though times are uncertain, I don’t regret the decision I made. It was time that I trusted my intuition.

So here’s what I’ve discovered so far that has helped me turn my life around!

Meditation and Mindfulness

If someone had advised me to do meditation and mindfulness prior to anxiety, I wouldn’t have taken it seriously.

Meditation and mindfulness is a major step in my personal journey that has helped me to manage my anxiety and so much more. I was told once on a meditation and mindfulness course in Warrington to…


Nicky Price Coaching Therapist in Warrington

This one sentence is so life changing! Thanks Nicky Price!

Becoming Mindful

I have become MINDFUL about my thoughts and my biggest lesson is that I never took time out for myself. I never put myself first! I was on auto-pilot and AVOIDANCE is a strong word that comes to mind.

I never appreciated ME and I didn’t appreciate the natural beauty of life that positively surrounds me at all times.

Mindfulness can be summed up with the following points: –

  • Be in the present moment. Don’t spend time reflecting on events that you cannot change and don’t spend time in the future worrying about events that may not happen
  • Don’t be judgemental – The first step to loving who you are is to stop being judgemental, especially to yourself and fill your heart with kindness and compassion
  • Actively listen to the people you speak to. Don’t be off somewhere else in your mind
  • Gratitude should be practised on a regular basis
  • Meditate – taking time out to quieten your mind can be likened to a spa treatment for your mental health. There are different types of meditations to try, but you need to know that it is not a quick fix. Meditation is a practice, it takes time to quieten your mind.

Reiki and Chakra Balancing

I will be offering reiki courses in the future as I am insured and certified to train you.

I’m not rushing into the setup of reiki training courses as I want to grow my knowledge and experience of providing reiki to clients. When I’m ready, I will then train others. You can keep up to date by reading my reiki journal and if you would like reiki, please get in touch.

Crystal Gemstones

I remember as a child being drawn to odd looking rocks and then being dazzled by crystal gemstones, so it’s no surprise that this interest blossomed into finding out more about the meaning of crystal gemstones. I find it very therapeutic to relax and design beautiful looking gemstone healing bracelets that make people feel better. You can read more about them on my gemstone healing bracelets page and if you would like one designing for you, please get in touch.

Tarot Card Readings

For years I’ve performed tarot readings for family, friends and friends of friends and I’ve always enjoyed bringing positivity into someone’s life.

As a form of self-therapy, I started performing daily self-readings and recording them in my tarot journal. It has helped me to manage my anxiety and I continue to get stronger by the day.

When performing a tarot reading, I’ve always thought of myself harnessing negative energy and replacing it with clean, positive energy and funnily enough, this is energy healing. I was energy healing long before I discovered reiki.

So my journey has lead me back to energy healing and it has done so for a purpose and I’m thankful that I’ve realised this and that I’m now doing my bit for the universe.

For further information, please visit the tarot reading page.

What does the future hold?

Life is a journey of developing new skills and talents to enhance my wellbeing. I really do believe that my soul purpose in life is to help others, hence why I continue my professional development.

In December 2020 I will attend and complete my meditation teacher course.

So far in 2020, I’ve gained distinctions in the following diplomas: –

  • Life coaching
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Law of Attraction
  • Moon Magic
  • Three principles of life coaching
  • Foundation in NLP

Facebook and Instagram: @amandanormangemstones

Gemstone, Tarot & Healing Mission Statement

Gemstone, Tarot and Healing was created due to our passion for crystals, Tarot, astrology and more.

What started off as a dream for Amanda to supply crystals with Reiki treatments and tarot readings has since turned into the reality of opening the Gemstone and Tarot shop in Liverpool city centre.

With the opening of the shop came the responsibility of sourcing products from ethical sources so that we can ensure that well-being is at the forefront of everything we do. Our ethical policy can be found here.

We both firmly believe that you can’t fake passion or create a positive experience if you don’t believe in the product or services that you sell. We both genuinely have a passion and firm belief in the magic of the Universe that’s practiced for the higher good of all.

Our vision is to create an environment that fills you with high vibrational energy and one that will give you a positive and uplifted frame of mind when visiting us in person or interacting with us on our live videos that are seen on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

  • We will source our products from ethical suppliers who have the wellbeing of the planet and local communities at the forefront of everything they do
  • Provide you with products that we genuinely believe will enhance your wellbeing
  • Maintain our intention of working for the higher good of you, us, our planet and the cosmic Universe
  • Maintain our passion and positive energy to provide you with a high level of customer service with your wellbeing at heart simply because we genuinely care
  • We will always listen to you our customers and suppliers without judgement to continually expand our knowledge and grow our business

If you have any questions or you would like to provide us with feedback on how we are doing, then please get in touch with us as we would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day and hopefully we will see you soon.

Kind Regards, Amanda and Mark x

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