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So, you may be wondering who is behind Gemstone Healing and what their life experience is, so allow me to introduce myself.

Amanda Norman of Gemstone Healing


My name is Amanda Norman and a couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and I got myself into a right mess. You will be pleased to hear though that I have managed to turn myself around and for the better. This is how I’ve achieved it and my journey to date.

Meditation and Mindfulness

I’ll be totally honest with you. If someone had advised me to do meditation and mindfulness, I would have laughed at them and told them that I’m not a hippy. I’m glad that didn’t happen as I would have just shown myself up, BIG TIME!

Meditation and mindfulness is a massive step in my personal journey that has helped me to manage my anxiety.

My anxiety was destroying my relationships with work colleagues, friends, family and my partner Mark. I would sit there many a time creased over as the intense butterfly feeling STAYED in my stomach and it wouldn’t let go of me. It actually hurt!

Paranoia, insomnia and negative feelings such as ‘why am I here, why did she look at me like that and what is the point to all of this?‘ were very much constant. It got to a point where I shut myself off and stayed at home, where I felt alone and safe, but this caused feelings of sadness that I was missing out on life. In kicked the anxiety again as I knew that I had to get out and do something about it. The merry go round of anxiety struck again!

I was told once on a meditation and mindfulness course to…


This one sentence is so life changing! Thanks Nicky!

I went to my GP and I told him that I don’t feel right and that I’m not myself. He signed me off work with stress and offered me tablets to assist, but I said no to the tablets.
Luckily for me, I suppose mentally I’ve always been strong and I told myself that I just needed help to manage the anxiety and that tablets were not a cure. I bet you’re wondering why, if I am claiming to have always been mentally strong, how did I end up with anxiety?

I had zero respect for my mind, body and spirit. I paid myself no attention at all. I never listened or saw the signs that I needed a break otherwise I was going to crack. Instead, I avoided everything and pushed harder to get more and more work completed enabling me to avoid the current fear and unknowingly replace it with another fear. I was out to impress everyone else, but never impress or look after myself as I felt I wasn’t worthy.

Managing Mental Health

I’ve been doing a lot of researching into mental health lately and I’ve read things about traumatic childhood, health issues etc. I tick the boxes alright, but I’m here to tell you that you can manage your mental health. I’m also here to tell you not to be afraid of what people think of you for admitting you have mental health issues.

I’ve admitted it where I work and have since helped to put in place daily meditations, mindfulness and meditation and I’ve even provided Reiki. I’m also available for colleagues who need someone to talk to as talking does help. I’m not alone with providing this, one of my other colleagues is trained in the basics of NLP and fitness and nutrition and between us, we are providing a positive mental health and wellbeing culture with the support of management.

Life IS what you make it!

By the way, social media didn’t help and I’m now aware how soul destroying Facebook can be if you’re not mindful.

A photograph of sunlight on beautiful green fern leaves taken by Amanda Norman

A photograph of sunlight on beautiful green fern leaves taken by Amanda Norman

I’m a passionate Gothic horror photographer and in my spare time, I love creating artwork.
Picture this (excuse the pun hahaha!). With everything I described above about pushing harder and harder to get more and more work completed in the day, I would then come home from work, create an image, upload it to the likes of Twitter and Facebook and then see how many likes I got. In order to be successful and noticed, you have to work hard on promoting yourself, especially if you have no money. A total recipe for disaster that one is!

Years of this also contributed to my deterioration. Facebook is bloody annoying when you think about it. How much negativity do you see on your feed a day and how many times have you realised that people have a fake persona or they’re certainly not how you imagined them to be? I’ve also stopped watching the news as it’s negative and probably the majority of it is propaganda.

Becoming Mindful

I have become MINDFUL to all of this and my biggest lesson is that I never took time out for myself. I was on auto-pilot and I never appreciated anything positive in my life. I never appreciated ME and I didn’t appreciate the natural beauty of life that positively surrounds me at all times. Mindfulness is about being aware of the present moment and not being judgmental. Meditation is taking time out to recharge your batteries and I like to describe it as spa treatment for my mind.

I’ve started my mindfulness A to Z to give you tips and information that I have learned so far and I hope that you find it useful.

Reiki and Chakra Balancing

So, now my self journey of, learning, exploration and healing continues with my new venture, Gemstone Healing.

I’ve completed my Reiki Master and teacher degree and I’m offering Reiki healing treatments along with chakra balancing, from Gemstone and Tarot in Liverpool on Saturday’s. I will be offering Reiki courses in the near future.

Exciting times area ahead, so stay tuned here or on Facebook for the latest news. You can also join me on Facebook @gemstoneandtarot

Crystal Gemstones

I remember as a child being drawn to odd looking rocks and then being dazzled by crystal gemstones, so it’s no surprise that this interest blossomed into finding out more about the meaning of crystal gemstones. I find it very therapeutic to relax and design beautiful looking gemstone bracelets that make people feel better. If you would like one designing for you, please get in touch.

Tarot Readings

For years I’ve performed Tarot readings for family, friends and friends of friends and I’ve always enjoyed bringing positivity into someone’s life. I’ve always thought of myself harnessing their negative energy and rinsing it out to replace it with clean, positive energy and funnily enough, this is also what energy healing is about. My path has lead me back to energy healing and it has done so for a purpose and I’m thankful that I’ve realised this and now doing more good. I’ve even given up smoking!
As a form of self-therapy, I started performing daily self-readings and recording them in a journal. It’s helped me to manage my anxiety and get stronger by the day.

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