Chakra Health and Well-being

If you have ever wondered what a chakra is or you have wanted to find out about chakra health and well-being, you’ve come to the right place.

The word chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel of light‘ and if it could be seen, it would resemble a vortex of bright spinning light. The best way to describe a chakra and what it does is to describe it as an inner power station. It regulates the energy of the cosmic universe so that each chakra is balanced and when all of our chakras are in balance, we will experience good health of mind, body and spirit.

Chakra health and Crystal Gemstones index

Below is the chakra index that will help you to find out more about chakra health and associated crystal gemstones. Continue reading for an overview of chakra health.

Learn about chakras and associated gemstone colours

I have concentrated on the 7 major chakras that run along your spine. There are lots more chakras and meridians, but for now, this is a basic guide to chakra health.

7 major chakra positions and their affirmations helping to improve your chakra health and well-being from Gemstone Healing in Liverpool
7 major chakra positions and their affirmations from Gemstone Healing

Chakra crystal gemstones

On each chakra page, I explore the colour of crystal gemstones that are known to work well with each of the chakras, but this doesn’t mean that you have to stick to what you read here.

It’s essential that you go with your gut instinct, because if you’re drawn to a crystal gemstone, you’re drawn to it for a purpose. It’s also worth pointing out that the flow of energy has to be correct in all seven of the major chakras as they relate to one another and show the journey from embodiment to enlightenment.

Chakra Caduceus showing the flow of energy that provides chakra health and well-being
Chakra Caduceus showing the flow of energy

There are three physical chakras that are related to personal issues such as survival with our root chakra (red), self-knowledge with the sacral chakra (orange) and personal power with the solar plexus chakra (yellow).

In the centre, we have the heart chakra (green) that provides balance and transformation from embodiment to enlightenment.

The spiritual chakras that allow us to transcend begin with the throat chakra for communication, brow chakra, all-seeing and the crown chakra for a feeling of oneness and connection with the cosmic universe.

Chakra health and well-being

Are you sceptical about chakra health?

Perhaps you’re curious, open minded and exploring this concept as a new start of personal well-being and if this is the case, please carefully consider the answer to this question….

What does your mind look and feel like?

No one can truly answer this question, yet find a physical entity.

The mind is the seat of consciousness and the essence of one’s being.

I love the description above and it’s taken from an article at I’ve included the link so that you can explore this concept further.

Considering the above concept of the mind, I would have no problem in telling you that the mind exists and you believing it, so why are so many people closed minded to the concept of chakra health?

Personal journey

If you’re at the start of a new personal journey to improve your health and well-being then please accept my congratulations. People who start this journey begin to live life again and sometimes, the only way I can get across my thoughts when writing these articles, is to share my experiences.

At one time, I was living on auto-pilot and constantly living with the relentless chitter chatter that also controlled me and my actions. You can read more about my struggle with anxiety in the A-Z of Meditation and Mindfulness.

Of course, not everyone is like me, but since I’ve been learning about chakras and how to balance them with gemstones and reiki healing, I’ve experienced doors opening for me and my life changing for the better. I’ve also realised how patience is a virtue, because these days we live in a go and get it society with everything available to us at the click of a button. Sadly, your health isn’t!

Once you start learning, you will develop a thirst for knowledge that will take you further than you’ve ever been before and by sharing my experiences and personal journey, I hope to inspire others to start or continue on their chosen path, because it truly is a magical and rewarding experience.

Clear Quartz master healer

Clear quartz is known as the ‘master healer‘ due to its strong energies. Clear coloured crystals contain all of the colours of the spectrum and therefore can be used for any chakra or for any purpose and it’s a good choice if you’re unsure. Read more about clear quartz in my article Quartz Clusters

Hopefully you will find my experiences useful and if you want to share your own, please do get in touch.

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