Crystal Pendulum Guide

What is a crystal pendulum?

A crystal pendulum is a crystal with a point on the end of a chain that detects alterations in energy.

How to use a crystal pendulum
How to use a crystal pendulum

They come in many different varieties and you should use a crystal that you’re drawn to. When starting out, you can’t go wrong with a clear crystal quartz pendulum due to their master healing status. For further information, please read my article Choosing Crystals.

You can use a crystal pendulum to answer questions and find hidden objects. It works by tapping into your inner being, which is a practice that has been performed for centuries. You can also use it diagnose your chakra health.

To begin working with your crystal pendulum, you must be fully grounded with Mother Earth. Please refer to my article ‘Grounding Meditation’ for more advice or search for a grounding meditation on You Tube.

Asking a question

The first step is to connect with your crystal pendulum.

  • Referring to the image above, let your wrist relax and hold any excess chain in your hand
  • Allow the crystal pendulum to come to a rest
  • Ask your crystal pendulum to show you a YES and watch how the crystal moves, which is usually in a circular motion
  • If your pendulum is vibrating, I class this as unknown and it’s best to ensure that you’re fully grounded and that your crystal pendulum has been cleansed. Please read Cleansing Crystals for more information
  • Once you’ve established a YES movement, you need to bring it to a stop and ask the crystal pendulum to show you a NO answer
  • You can test the above by asking your pendulum a question that you know the answer is ‘yes’, for example, ‘is my name Amanda?‘. As my name is Amanda, I’m expecting the pendulum to move in the position it showed me for a YES question
  • When asking your crystal pendulum a question, you must ensure that the question is a yes or no answer

This does take practice and you also need to ensure that your pendulum is cleansed to begin with as overtime they absorb negative energy.

A chakra balance using a crystal pendulum

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for ‘wheel of light’ and within our body we have seven major chakras that run along our spine. There are lots more chakras and meridians, but in this article, I’m only referring to the seven major chakras.

Think of a chakra as an internal power station that supplies healing energy throughout your body. These chakras maintain your physical, mental and spiritual health. If there is a blockage at any of these major chakra points, we can end up with physical dis-ease.

We can use a crystal pendulum to check the flow of energy through our chakras.  Doing this on a regular basis will help to maintain our chakra health.

It’s important to remember that we are using the crystal pendulum as a tool to diagnose any imbalance of healing energy.

If there is no movement when holding the crystal approximately 6 inches in front of the chakra, this would indicate a blocked chakra. If the crystal pendulum begins to swing erratically, this indicates a chakra that is off balance, which means there is either too much or too little energy flowing through it.

For all chakras to be in balance, the crystal pendulum will swing in a circular motion at a consistent size.

If we notice an imbalanced chakra or blockage, we can work on removing this with the use of crystals, visualisation and intention, for example…

  • My crystal pendulum shows me that my sacral chakra is blocked as it’s not moving
  • I reach for an orange crystal of my choice and hold that for a minute and visualise orange light radiating from my sacral chakra that is below my belly button
  • At the same time, I ask the universe to please balance the flow of healing energy through my sacral chakra
  • You can do this for as long as you like and when you feel ready, check it again with your pendulum
  • If you cannot balance your chakra, choose a different coloured crystal. It doesn’t have to be the same colour as your chakra and you should trust your instinct and give it a go. Know that each time you try this, you are improving the flow and it may take a number of times to achieve balance. I recommend at least 20 minutes holding or placing a crystal on your chakra.

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I hope that you’ve found this self-therapy guide useful.

I can also provide workshops either in a group or a one to one mentoring session.  Please get in touch here or on Facebook using @amandanormangemstones

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