Distant healing back pain

This morning I completed a distant reiki healing session for a client who has terrible back pain and this particular reiki session was mind blowing for me.

The difference with this session is the introduction of concentration meditation, which is something I’ve recently learned while studying for a diploma in meditation.

I used my newly gained knowledge and concentrated on maintaining a visual of my client throughout the 15 minutes and when the time was up, I was flooded with the emotion of joy. I really can’t explain how happy I felt and I gave thanks to my spirit guides for their guidance and intuition.

Reiki treatments both online and in person by Amanda from Liverpool
Reiki treatments both online and in person by Amanda from Liverpool

I telephoned my client immediately after the session and she said that she felt her stomach moving and she’s hoping that it’s trapped wind that’s been causing her back pain. When she told me this, I imagined a dark mass leaving her body.

I finished off the telephone session with advising her to breathe in white healing light and breathe it into the pain and then when exhaling, direct it down towards the Earth.

The difference between today’s distant reiki healing and previous sessions is that I was better able to maintain a visualised focus, whereas before I would find myself thinking about other stuff and then having to re-focus.

It’s now 20:00 and the session was at 11:00am. I’ve just telephoned her to see how she’s getting on and she said that the pain has subdued, but it’s now at the top of her legs, but she’s feeling more positive.

I will do another session at the same time tomorrow if needed and provide a further update to this journal. I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Complimentary Therapy

Just to make it clear, my client has already consulted with her GP and Reiki should NEVER be used instead of professional medical attention. It can be used following a consultation with myself to compliment professional medical advice.

Day 2 Distant Reiki Healing

The format of yesterday’s and today’ distant reiki healing session has changed. Previously, she would sit on a comfortable chair with her choice of music playing in the background while I kept an open video link on the mobile. I always have my eyes closed and the music would come through in waves and then be silent, but due to her bad back, yesterday she decided to lie down on her bed with no video link.

I think this change is for the better as it certainly cuts down on unnecessary energy being used. We have agreed that our time is 11am and I’ll phone her at 10:55 to let her know that I will be starting at 11:05. This gives her time to put her music on, get her choice of crystals and centre her breathing. She knows when the session is over, as I will ring her back.

During today’s after session phone call, she reports the following: –

  • Strong sensation of the pain moving to the front of her stomach again
  • Her gut instinct, (hmmm an appropriate choice of phrase don’t you think?) is telling her that this problem is connected with wind
  • Strong vivid and loving reflections of her husband who passed over
  • A positive uplift in mood
  • Yesterday following the reiki session, the pain had eased and she was able to sleep, but it had come back this morning

Feelings of Gratitude

On a different note, my client asked me how I felt today following my strong sensations after yesterday’s session.

My feelings are of gratitude to the Universe of being thankful for being a channel of healing energy and I’m also reminded that the healing energy will go to where it is needed. This means, if you think that I can direct healing energy specifically to the point of pain in her back, I could, but I don’t as the Universe will take it where it’s required. It will go to the root cause of the pain.

While updating this journal, I’ve just had a shift of air in my stomach that rumbled so loud that my partner heard. Hmm! I will report on day three tomorrow.

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