Feeling Lost

When you are feeling lost and you have no motivation, please don’t succumb to it. We all feel like this at times and it’s what makes us human. It’s OK to feel lost, it’s what you do about it that counts!

Hopefully, my experience below may provide you with some inspiration on what to try. If you would like my help, please get in touch.

Work on your root chakra when feeling lost
Root chakra quote

If you’re new to chakras, I’ve wrote an introductory guide titled ‘Chakra Health‘.

Feeling Lost

Over the past few days I’ve found myself wanting to withdraw inwards due to having no drive or motivation. I’m not feeling depressed or down.

My desire is strong to be on my own so that I can think clearly, but I’m struggling to do that, both physically and mentally.

Brain Fog

This feeling has even made me want to give up on my daily self-care routine, which is unlike me. I get lots of healing from my self-care, so I’ve been pushing onwards with it. Unfortunately, I’m not sustaining any good feelings and I describe this lost feeling as ‘brain fog‘, which is clouding my mood and judgement.

Brain fog for me, is a heavy, muddy feeling in between my brows where my third eye chakra is located. I assumed at first that it’s probably this chakra that’s blocked or out of alignment.

Using your intuition

I like to be guided by my intuition and on this occasion, my inner voice is telling me to visit my happy place for answers, which I do via meditation.

I have no problem visualising myself in my happy place and I get so much information from visiting it. As visualising is a key strength of your third eye chakra, this tells me that the problem isn’t necessarily with this chakra.

Meditate on Feeling Lost

The meditation I did to figure out this lost feeling, can be described as having an outer body experience. I was looking down on myself and I was meditating, but in a standing position that isn’t the norm for me. I could see the breeze was gently swaying my hair, and I could feel the last of the suns rays upon my face as it set upon the watery horizon.

Root Chakra Meditation

I had never seen the sun so red before. It was glowing so beautifully and it lit a path of shimmering red upon the sea that travelled right up to me, and I looked at my face and it was glowing red. Everything was red about me and I felt so calm and at peace.

I then looked up and straight into the eye of a seagull and next minute I was flying across the land, swishing and swooping, feeling at one with the Universe. It was amazing!

Analysing the symbols

Each time I meditate, I journal about it so that I can look back on it. I record the symbols that stand out and figure out what they could mean in the real world. It’s very similar to recording and analysing your dreams.

The red sun and seeing myself standing there, rooted to the ground symbolises the need for me to work on my root chakra. While watching myself do this in my happy place, my self-healing work had already begun. This is why I felt so at peace and at one with the Universe.

The outer body experience and flying refers to my spirit and I’m interpreting it as flying free from my self-imposed chains. There’s nobody else making me feel lost. It’s the way I’m managing my current situation.

Current Turmoil

As I write this, I’m dealing with a major situation in my personal life, which is obviously causing me some angst. Emotions are certainly running high due to the trauma that’s taken place. It’s also led to my daughter and granddaughter moving in with me and Mark.

Control of my emotions is paramount right now and as the maternal figure, perhaps I’m putting too much pressure on myself to try and make everything alright. As a mother, I feel that I should be able to do this, but I know that it’s out of my control. I cannot control outside influences and I have to leave it to third parties and hope that justice is done. I’m struggling!

I can only control my emotions and how I react. I also know that everyone is looking to me to support them, but I’m hurting inside. I’m hurting too! I’m having to cope with this nightmare.

Strengthen your foundation when feeling lost

Root chakra quote strength
Root chakra quote for strength

My happy place meditation has shown me that I need to have a solid foundation. When I was watching myself standing there meditating, I was rooted to the ground. It’s so important for me to be grounded right now and take on Mother Earth’s healing energy.

If your house was built on a weak foundation, one wrong move would send it all crashing down. This is the same with your root chakra energy. It’s the very seat of your foundation. Therefore, I need to work on my root chakra to ensure the Universal healing energy is running through this correctly.

A balanced root chakra will provide drive, motivation, energy, courage, passion and strength. These are the qualities that I was missing until my meditation work.

The root chakra has many more qualities when balanced and to get a further idea of how it works, please visit my chakra health guide.

How do you balance your chakras?

There are a number of methods to help balance your chakras and meditation is just one of those. You also should be aware that all of your chakras should be balanced. The key thing is, my meditation helped me to figure out where to start.

A subsequent meditation the following day saw me hugging a tree in the graveyard of my ancestors and funnily enough, its roots have been nourished by their bodies. Gosh, I hope you don’t find this bit a tad morbid, but our root chakra connects us to the Earth and our ancestors. The more I meditate, the more I’m figuring out things that I will write about when I understand it more.

Crystals can help to balance the flow of healing energy through your root chakra and we sell lots of them at Gemstone and Tarot. Choose red, black, grey or brown crystals and go with your intuition or what you’re drawn to. Of course, if you would like my advice, please ask.

Reiki, intention and affirmations are other methods that will help to balance your chakra energy.

Find the positive and focus on that!

For now, whatever traumatic situation or turmoil that you’re dealing with, please try hard to find the positive aspect.

I know that this is a difficult thing to do, but you need to believe that you can do this! Don’t give in and remain focused on the negative shit.

It’s ten times easier to succumb to the negative energy caused by negative thoughts. Please, focus all your attention onto that one positive aspect. It’s there if you dig deep enough, and FEEL that positive energy.

Feel that positive energy every day and more positive situations will come your way.

The law of vibration attracts everything to you that’s on a similar frequency, therefore if you want to be positive, feel and be positive.

You can do it!

If you want my professional help as a wellbeing life mentor or a tarot reading to give you guidance, please do get in touch!

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