Gemstone Meanings

The gallery below is a collection of crystal gemstones we at Gemstone Tarot & Healing have in stock either at the shop (Gemstone and Tarot) or in Amanda’s beading collection that she uses for her gemstone healing bracelets.

If you’re looking for a specific gemstone for a condition, then please refer to the chakra health and well-being section as this will assist you further or you can ask Amanda direct.

The gallery below is categorised into colours and chakra’s the stones resonate best with. If you want to find every gemstone that resonates best with your sacral chakra, simply click on the phrase sacral chakra.

Please use this gemstone meaning gallery as inspiration for your next purchase and if you want to know about any others, please ask or follow @amandanormangemstones on Facebook as she regularly does live Q&A’s.

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