Grow your Mental Health

I’m not an expert gardener, far from it!

The only experience I’ve had to date is growing my spider plants and if you follow me, you will know how excited I get about them and their babies. 😉

Well look at the picture below and look at those seeds that were planted in the last 10 days. They are growing! How exciting is this?

Cultivate your mental health with gardening
Cultivate your mental health with gardening

Cultivate your mental health

We all have mental health and it’s how we maintain it on a daily basis that defines what state it’s in and for me, my new found maintenance work out for my mental health is, cultivation or gardening.

About two years ago, I read somewhere on the Internet that spider plants are good for removing negative energy out of your room and on my quest for self-healing and working with energy, I had to buy one and test this theory out.

Well, Big Bertha (yes, I’ve named her) as had babies and what’s more exciting is, I took some of them, planted them and gave them away and one of those babies is now having babies. The joy this brings to me and Elaine who I gave one to is immense. On a different note, I gave one to Kerry and they haven’t had babies. If anyone knows why they don’t have babies, can you let me know please?

Amanda's Big Bertha spider plant
Amanda’s Big Bertha spider plant and one of her babies growing well

Watching a plant grow that you cultivate, that you planted does wonders for your mental health.

Now, I know that everyone is different, so I shouldn’t be so direct in my wording, but all you have to do is try and it see.

When someone said that a spider plant removes negative energy from your room, they are correct, but I would like to add that they fill me with so much happiness and joy and nurturing something is so rewarding as I feel the growth inside of me.

When my spider plant looks as though it’s going limp, I know that it needs attention. Like I said earlier, I’m not an expert at gardening, but I’m learning so much and really enjoying the experience and I also now understand why Prince Charles talks to his plants. I talk to mine and I’m proud of that fact!

Mindfulness and Gardening

Gardening and growing plants also helps you to practice mindfulness. When you are tending to your plants, re-potting them, ensuring they have the right amount of light and water, you are in the present moment and you are being mindful.

Being in the present moment is key to maintaining your mental health.

I’ve said it plenty of times in my previous meditation and mindfulness posts that it’s essential to live in the present moment, making use of all of your senses instead of thinking about the past or worrying about something that MIGHT NOT HAPPEN. The negative energy this creates for you will have a snowball effect and it leads to poor mental health and the onset of dis-ease.

Amanda's spider plant that helps cultivate a positive mental attitude
Amanda’s Green Betty spider plant and her cuttings that helps cultivate a positive mental attitude

Here’s an example of how Green Betty (I think it’s so much fun to name them) above helps me to be in the present moment.

Green Betty was given to me as I didn’t shut up about Big Bertha and how much I love spider plants.

She’s plain green and she only had a few light green leaves, I would say about 8 of them that weren’t that strong. If you look on the photograph directly above, the leaves I’m describing now can be seen on the bottom right. They’re nothing like the strong upright dark green ones.

Nurturing and Mindfulness

Apart from being in the present moment, nurturing is another key element of practicing mindfulness. Nurturing your awareness of being in the present moment and not on the drama roundabout is paramount and growing or nurturing a plant really helps you to use your five senses.

The first thing I did was to put her in a new pot with fresh soil that was specifically for plants. I gave her some water and I checked her regularly. Over the next 6 months she started growing into what you can see today and in the last month, she’s had some babies that I’ve cut off her and planted. Now I’m mindful of these growing as I check on them every day and even now, I’m not sure when I should water or not, or if they’re in the right place, but I’m doing something right. I don’t like the soil to get to dry.

With Green Betty though, her tips started to go brown. From looking up on the Internet, this can be down to one of three things: –

  • Too much chlorine in the water
  • Too much sunlight
  • Too much or too little water

So, she’s been moved out of the window and placed into my bathroom that has limited daylight. I also fill my watering bottle up and let the water stand for at least 24 hours before watering them incase there’s too much chlorine.

I’m checking on her everyday and she has a new shoot coming up that will have babies eventually. I hope that there’s enough light, but she’s not going limp and she seems to be doing OK.

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Practicing gratitude is another important element of practicing mindfulness and I’ll show you how easy it is to do this.

Before when I noticed the red seedlings shooting out of the soil, feelings of gratitude immediately flooded in. For the past couple of days, we’ve had rain, some heavy spells that followed glorious sunshine.

Now, some people get a little down with the sun disappears and the light fades and the air is cooler and wet. Not for me though!

I write every day in my gratitude journal what I’m grateful for and I wrote that I’m grateful for the much needed rain to water the plants. I personally don’t like too much heat, so again, I’m grateful for Mother Earth and what she provides. Right now, I’m very grateful for receiving the rain showers and the sunshine in between.

I’m also grateful for seeing the bees on the Lavender that we planted in the last 10 days. Knowing that I’m doing good for the bee population fills me with joy and happiness and so does the seedlings growth. The energy and how this makes me feel is positive and happy and it’s very important that when writing your gratitude journal, you write how it makes you feel. This will help immensely to maintain positive mental health.

Crystals and Gardening

You may notice in my photographs or the live videos that I put on my Facebook page, that I have crystals in the plant pots.

I use green quartz and clear quartz, but any crystal will provide healing for the plants. Green crystals promote healing, growth and love whereas clear quartz provide all of this with lots more power. I sell crystals if you would like to buy some, just drop me a message. One day, I will have a crystal garden.

Finally, I will leave you with one last thought..

I don’t have a garden as I live in a second floor flat, but I’m lucky enough to have a balcony to put these planters on. Even if you can’t have a planter on your window sill, you can still have plants indoors and no matter how big or small your garden is, just one plant can provide you with happiness, lift your vibration and improve your mental health.

When you lift your vibration, you attract good things i.e. like attracts like.

They say that in life, you reap what you sow and it’s certainly very apt for me.

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