Guided Meditations

If you find it hard to meditate, why not allow me to take you through some of my guided meditations?

Guided meditations with Amanda, one to one or group sessions
Meditation with Amanda

My guided meditations will include an introduction to what we want to achieve as well as the benefits that you will receive. I will then take you through a guided meditation and we can then finish off with a quick chat.

Mandy has a true gift, which shows in her reiki and she incorporated a guided meditation to help me relax so that I could benefit from reiki even more

Zara – December 2020 – More testimonials

I always incorporate my loving healing energy into my work.

Benefits of Guided Meditations

  • Provides peace of mind and greater happiness
  • Better management of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Build self-esteem, self-confidence and attitude
  • Enhances creativity and your imagination
  • Increase attention, improve memory, control your thoughts, better solve complex problems
  • Get better sleep and control pain
  • Releases endorphins your brain’s natural feel-good chemical
  • Helps you to develop your intuition
  • Meditating with a crystal, doubles the healing

Guided Meditations

Below you will find my current guided meditations that are all designed to give your mental health a luxurious spa treatment.

Currently due to COVID, I’m offering these online only.

If you’re interested, please contact me by using the form below.

Grounding Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to help you to relax and give your mind some rest from all that constant chitter chatter.

Meditating with Crystals

This is my second guided meditation that I offer on a one to one or group basis. I’ve even had great success in guiding my 11 year old granddaughter through this one and she loved it.

If you have purchased a meditating with crystals kit from Gemstone and Tarot, you can book a guided meditation with me for half price as a thank you for purchasing it.

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