I Can with Septarian

Septarian is my special gemstone for good luck, fortune and mental health wellbeing. With Septarian in my life, my attitude is I CAN!

Septarian pebble
Septarian pebble

When I first got into gemstone healing, I relied heavily on books to provide me with the healing properties of gemstones, but when I started delving deeper into chakras and colour therapy, my personal journey truly began.

I learned about energy and vibrations and I started to rely on my intuition to choose the gemstone that was right for me.

The Septarian gemstone with its striking patterns and different colours, caught my eye and I advised my partner Mark to buy some for the Gemstone and Tarot shop in Liverpool. Obviously I got to choose some Septarian pebbles for the workshops I have started to deliver and I urge you to treat yourself to a beautiful pebble.

I Can Attitude!

I’ve recently embarked on a turning point in my life whereby an opportunity came my way that I knew I couldn’t ignore.

A vacancy was being advertised and as I write this now, I’m waiting to hear if I’ve been successful or not. Excitement is building and I should hear in the next few days!

When you start your journey of healing and spirituality, things start coming your way and doorways start to open and although it looked to be a step back for me, my instinct was screaming to still apply, which I did!

After submitting my CV and getting a group stage interview, I needed a gemstone to provide me with courage and confidence. It’s difficult when you’ve been in the same company for almost 10 yrs to take that step and move on.

Drawn to Septarian

I scanned my many gemstones and I was drawn to yellow as this is the colour of your Solar Plexus chakra. It’s a lovely sunshine colour and if you’re Solar Plexus chakra is balanced, you will not suffer with stress and your mental wellbeing will be in good health.

I was instantly drawn to my Septarian pebbles and as I picked it up and felt how smooth and warm it was, I was instantly comforted that this was the gemstone for me. I’ve kept it in my pocket or on my desk for the last two weeks and I still have it with me as I write this article.

My self-confidence is growing by the day and I got the call to attend the stage two interview where I had to do a 15 minute presentation about what I will do in my first 90 days.

I knew instantly that I could do this!

Break your Negative Cycle

This time last year, there’s no way I would have done this as I would have kickstarted my negative thinking into telling myself that I can’t.

Since I started this personal journey with Reiki, meditation and mindfulness and gemstone healing, my positive attitude to life is I CAN!

I’ve told many people in the last few weeks to stop being negative and instead of I can’t, tell yourself that you can!

For every negative thought, replace it with a positive thought and break the negative cycle that you have grown accustomed to. Believe and tell yourself every day that I CAN and watch your life change.

Golden colours are considered to bring good fortune and help you visualise your goals, hence choosing a yellow gemstone. When I noticed the patches of earthy tones on the Septarian pebble, I knew that this was the gemstone for me at this moment in time.

I have trusted my intuition and I believe in my abilities. My confidence is strong and even if I don’t succeed with being offered a position, I know that this was meant to be!

08/08/19 – I GOT THE JOB! 🙂

These gemstone meanings are traditional and are not a substitute to medical practices. No claims have been made about the suitability of this stone or any stone for healing or for curing diseases. It’s important that if you’re in need of medical assistance, you consult with your doctor.

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