In support of Mental Health Awareness Week and the topic of KINDNESS, I’ve decided to write this post about the feelings I generate from being kind.

The act of kindness by Amanda Norman
The act of kindness by Amanda Norman

While writing out my gratitude journal this morning and contemplating my feelings, I realised how much this benefits my mental health and increases my self-worth.

Gratitude journal and kindness

Each morning I write everything that I’m grateful for in my life and the feelings that it generates for me, which is a part of practising mindfulness and being in the present moment.

This is my act of kindness to myself as it’s sometimes too easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of life and not give yourself any self-love.

By contemplating the feelings generated through gratitude, it not only makes you realise your self-worth, it generates self-love and with that, comes kindness and compassion.

Once you feel self-love, kindness and compassion, the act of being kind, considerate and caring is second nature.

Amanda’s realisation of kindness

Today, the weather is going to be hot and I wrote in my gratitude journal that I’m going to watch the sun set and how grateful I am for Mother Earth delivering such wonderful resources and beauty. It was at this point that I contemplated the feelings generated from experiencing the sunset and the breeze I feel, gently on my face as the sun disappears below the horizon.

The feelings I get from watching the sun go down make me feel warm, calm, at peace and loved and I realised that the act of kindness generates the same feelings in me.

A lot of us, unfortunately go through life and don’t contemplate our feelings and this is an unhealthy habit that is formed over time. We don’t stop long enough to reflect how it makes us feel and we rush head long onto our next task.

Writing a daily gratitude journal has allowed me to take the time to FEEL the kindness in my heart and to feel the compassion that this generates.

You maybe thinking at this point that you do feel your acts of kindness and this is good, but my message here is to spend a while contemplating it. This is the key aspect. By reflecting on the feelings it generates, taking your time with this feeling and contemplating it, you open your heart to self-love.

Being kind to others

One final point that I would like to write about is when someone acts kind to us and we feel that we have to reciprocate it.

My personal view is that being kind comes from the heart without any ulterior motive. Therefore, if someone shows me an act of kindness, I will be grateful and tell them thank you and how much I appreciate it. This is my act of kindness, because it comes from my heart, just like the acts of kindness I perform on a daily basis.

Therefore, my message for today and for evermore is to write a daily gratitude journal and BE KIND TO YOURSELF as well as others.

If you would like any help with this, please get in touch as I’m more than happy to be kind to you!

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