Listen to your inner voice

When we feel that we’re not getting anywhere, stuck in a rut, can do better with ourselves and you can’t shake off the negative thinking, it’s time to ask yourself a very serious question….

Who do you feed and nurture with love, your ego or your inner voice?

Your Ego

Your ego creates fear in a desperate bid to protect you from harm as this is the only thing it knows how to do. He’s your failsafe, but if you choose to nurture and feed Mr Ego, you will remain stuck in a rut.

Have you ever had that feeling when you want to do something and your inner voice is screaming, practically pleading with you to go ahead as it will be so good for you, but impending doom strikes and swallows up any positive thoughts you may have?

Have you had your friends and family give you meaningful advice and you think for a brief moment, yes they’re right and then that little voice inside you, tells you that you’re not good enough and you reluctantly agree and you dismiss the idea or advice as it’s too painful to think about anymore?

I’ve been there and I fed my ego every time that led to my anxiety and general unhappiness, but I’m here on the other side and considering the times we are currently in with so much negativity, anxiety, dread and uncertainty….


I’m not too worried about my future, but if I was feeding my ego all of the time, I’d be in a right state.
Of course I take precautions, but I’m in control and when I’m in control, I make reliable decisions and if things do go wrong, I’m flexible with my action plan and I can adapt. I have my faith in the Universe and I feel supported.

Build your inner strength

I have balance in my life as I observe my thinking and I practice mindfulness. I know when Mr Ego tries to take over and I look inwards and find my inner voice, my inner strength and smile.

It took me a while to build my inner strength, to get me to a point in life where I FEEL LIFE and I enjoy the beauty of nature. Don’t get me wrong, we all have our bad days, me included, but I FEEL IT and then shrug it off and take what learning experiences I can to better myself going forward.

Your first step to a brighter future is to build your inner strength by loving and nurturing your inner voice. Your self-love will ooze out and you will be amazed when things start going well for you, because how you feel is what you attract.

I chose my inner voice and I’m now proud to say that I’m a certified life coach, doing what I love and my reward is helping others. If you would like coaching, please send me a message.

So, who do you choose to love and nurture, Mr Ego or your inner voice?

stop loving and nurturing your ego and instead listen to, love and nurture your inner voice
Amanda’s advice is to be aware of who you listen to and nurture

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