Love and Light

Love and light to you all is a common phrase for those with an awakened soul. Here I write about what it means to me while introducing you to the wonderful words of Rumi.

Amanda talks about love and light
Wound is the place where the light enters you RUMI

Rumi was a 13th century Sufi mystic and poet and his words inspire me. I’ve also learned that Sufi whirling is an ancient meditation practice. I’m excited to learn more and I’m grateful for Rumi and his beautiful words of wisdom.

I’m also collecting more of his quotes that can be seen on my Chakramanda Pinterest page. Please feel free to follow me for more words of inspiration.

Love and Light

Love is an experience that is full of emotion, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Looking back on my own experience of love, I realise the error of my ways and Rumi’s words resonate deeply within me.

In the past, I suffered when I realised that the love of my life was a cheat!

I remember feeling the emotional pain, but I’ve learned that instead of seeing the light, I surrendered to the darkness.

I absorbed myself with the feelings of a victim and I chose to dwell on the pain and negativity instead of feeling it and moving on. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t feel the pain, but it is a necessary part of healing.

During my victim stage, avoidance of feeling like this ever again was at the top of my agenda. The problem here is that rather than spend hours to a week feeling it and releasing that negative energy, I buried it for years by placing a barrier around my heart.

A broken heart fixed

Not only was I self-destructing, I was severely restricting my opportunities of finding true love. I was also closing myself off to LOVE that includes self-love.

Seeing the light is the way forward for healing a broken heart. Choose to feel the emotional pain and then move on with lessons learned. I’ll give you a classic example of my own experience.

Trust your intuition and don’t ignore it. Looking back for me, all of the signs were there, yet I chose to ignore my heart. Fear got the better of me and it was better to avoid any feelings of fear.

My learning lesson is to trust my heart and don’t avoid issues that need resolving.

In victim mode, you soak up the attention of others as a form of feeling better. You spend more of your time thinking of all the bad things in a relationship instead of what you once loved. It’s your choice what you focus on, but avoidance isn’t the answer. See the light by feeling it and moving on with no negative energy.

Seeing the light is moving away from the darkness and the darkness represents all those negative thoughts and emotions.

It’s OK to feel the pain of love, but don’t dwell in the darkness and miss out on life. Feel it and move on with love and light in your heart and live your life to the full.

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