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Welcome to my journal about Reiki Shaking. Here you will gain a personal insight into my journey of learning and experience of Reiki. Please visit Amanda’s Reiki Journal to view other topics associated with Reiki.

I performed my first Reiki session following my Reiki Master degree training and I felt for the first time, a form of shaking.

Now I say a form of shaking as I don’t know how to fully describe it, but here goes.

Amanda's Reiki Journal
Amanda discusses her experiences of people shaking or trembling during a Reiki session

As I sat there channelling healing energy around my client’s crown/brow area, I noticed a rumbling sensation coming from the air between my hands and my clients head. The energy grew and it was so strong that I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had witnessed my hands performing caterpillar movements, but they never.

As soon as I realised that I had sensed this energy and trusted my instinct that this was increased power obtained through my Reiki master training, the rumbling subsided.

My client never commented on experiencing anything like this following her Reiki treatment. Instead, she thanked me and said that she hadn’t felt so calm, relaxed and happy in a long time.

Reiki Treatments

I perform Reiki treatments at the Gemstone and Tarot shop, Unit 34, St John’s Market, L1 1LR, which is located within St John’s Shopping Centre in Liverpool.

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