Meditating with Selenite

This is my journal of what I experienced and learned while meditating with Selenite. It’s such a beautiful crystal and one that I’ve been strongly drawn to over the last few days. Is it a co-incidence that it’s also a full moon?

Meditating with Selenite
Meditating with Selenite

I really don’t know why it’s taken me so long to incorporate meditating with crystals into my self-care routine, but I’m so very glad that I did. I also realise that I’m in strong need of Selenite’s crystal energy.

The name ‘Selenite’ comes from the Greek word, ‘Selene’ who is a goddess of the moon.

Be guided by your intuition

Over the past couple of days, my intuition has strongly urged me to get the Selenite wand that I’ve been eyeing up in the crystal shop. As you may know, myself and my partner own the Gemstone and Tarot shop and oh my, the temptation to take home some crystals is too much sometimes. I need to stop this in order to make profit, but sometimes I have to give in! On this occasion though, the Selenite wand sold before I got my hands on it, so instead I got two small sticks and what I’ve discovered and experienced while meditating with it, is mind blowing!

Intuition is a gift from the moon

Intuition by the way is one of the Moon’s greatest qualities she offers us and the world is a magical place when you allow yourself to be guided by it.

Of course with everything in life, you do need to incorporate balance, but too often, some of us let our fears take control. Luckily and it’s something that I’m extremely grateful for, I manage this aspect well, but I don’t get it right every time. It’s difficult to get the right balance, but being aware of this is always a first step and with practice, it gets easier.

The magic of Selenite
The magic of Selenite

Time isn’t an issue when meditating with Selenite

I don’t set myself a timer when I’m meditating with a crystal. Working with a crystals energy will take as long as you need and if you trust your intuition and be guided by it, you will know when to come out of it.

I meditated for approximately 23 minutes with my piece of Selenite.

Initially, I held it in my hands and it was cold at first, but then the cold turned into a gorgeous cool, velvety feeling. Of course, I’m struggling to convey exactly how it felt, but it wasn’t cold and hard. It was drawing me in, deeper and deeper and I felt so relaxed and at peace.

The energy I felt from the Selenite was tingling and I want to say that it was sparkling in my hands. Of course it wasn’t, but that’s how I need to describe it. To me, it felt like magic!

I really cannot wait to use Selenite in my next Reiki treatment for someone else to experience this beautiful magic.

Meditating with Selenite and Pain Relief

I then became aware of a niggle of a pain in the back of my neck.

We should always take note of what our physical body is trying to tell us and meditating is a great way of assessing our bodies needs.

I hadn’t felt this pain prior to meditating and I focused on breathing into this area as a form of pain relief. You should try this as meditating is a form of healing for our mind, body and soul.

In kicks my intuition again and I was being guided to place the Selenite directly on the source of this pain. So I did and wow, in came that cool velvet intoxicating feeling and it was divine! It felt so good and as I sat there I was drawn to my third eye to watch the kaleidoscope of colours that were dancing. Of course, the pain subsided.

Communicating with Selenite during meditation

It was about this time that I felt a movement of air on the right side of my cheek and forehead, but it wasn’t a draft. It was soft and cool and it moved across the right side of my forehead like watching the sunset in slow motion. If it had been a draft it would have had a harsh element to it, but this was gentle.

My intuition told me that this was a good spirit, possibly an Angel. I don’t know, but I often find that when I think about things later, I get more of an insight. As I ponder this now, I’m thinking that this was more than likely confirmation that my spirit guides are present and looking after me.

Selenite is good for balance

I don’t know how long I spent with the Selenite on the area of pain, but balance was my next thought and again, I trusted my intuition and placed the Selenite onto my other shoulder at the base of my neck. It wasn’t there for long before I placed it for an even shorter time period on the top of my head, before it started sliding off. That was definitely time to take it back into my hands and finish my meditation.

Moon Magic with Selenite

As it’s a full moon and I’ve been drawn to Selenite, it’s only right that I now get on with my full moon ritual.

I always do myself a tarot reading at this time as the moon’s light illuminates the hidden aspect of my shadow and reveals to me what’s stopping me from progressing forward with manifesting my dreams. I shall have my piece of Selenite in view and I will also hold it in my receptive hand and allow my intuition to be my guide.

Perhaps my biggest message here from meditating with Selenite is that it helps me to trust my intuition.

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