Miracles Now Review

Clearly from the picture below, this bright and colourful 62 card deck from Gabrielle Bernstein is certainly attractive, but what do I think of it?

Miracles Now Deck by Gabrielle Bernstein reviewed by Amanda
Miracles Now Deck by Gabrielle Bernstein reviewed by Amanda

Miracles Now Inspirational Affirmations and Life-Changing Tools

Firstly, I simply adore the packaging, the feel of the cards and the colours, especially the metallic silver on the edges. They feel so smooth due to their glossy feel, but if you have a bit of OCD, you may not like the fact that they are hard to keep the right way up when shuffling.

The objective of this card deck is to provide you with an inspirational affirmation when you need some motivation. The only problem some people may have with this deck is understanding the affirmation.

There is no booklet contained within the Miracles Now box and I would not recommend this deck for someone who is new to the magical workings of the Universe. For instance, the card I have just chosen to prove this point is, ‘I surrender IT ALL’.

Do you know what this means?

I’ve just put it into Google and it lists results for a Christian hymn. I’m certainly not religious, but I am spiritual.

I surrender IT ALL - Gabrielle Bernstein
I surrender IT ALL – Gabrielle Bernstein

My personal take on this particular card from experience is that we have to give up trying to control what we cannot control. We need to go with the flow of life, listen to our intuition in equal balance with our head. Once we have mastered balance, we will find true enlightenment and be a lot happier.

You may disagree with me on my interpretation and I’m all for that, because if you do disagree, Gabrielle Bernstein has inspired the pair of us with her inspirational affirmation card. If you would like to comment, which I do welcome, I’ve posted the image of the above card on @amandanormangemstones (Instagram and Facebook).

I find Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracles Now deck truly inspiring and I highly recommend them to those of you who are on your spiritual journey.

Amanda Norman

As I’m far along on my journey of enlightenment and actively partaking in moon magic, law of attraction, TAROT, chakra and gemstone healing, I have a good understanding to be inspired by each of these cards.

They provoke me to think about the full meaning behind it due to everything that I’ve learned and continue to learn.

Unfortunately in a world that we live in today, many people want a quick fix, they want the answer there and then and they don’t want to put in the effort to find out. They want answers and they want them now, but this in itself is not the way to live life, is it?

Gabrielle Bernstein does have a book titled Miracles Now that would be recommended reading if you are starting out and you would like to try the Miracles Now card deck.

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