Natural Healing

For decades I’ve known that I was different, but it’s only in later life that I learned why. My true vocation is natural healing and I also know that it stems from deep within my ancestral roots.

Natural healing ancestral roots with Amanda
Healing Ancestral Roots with Amanda

Natural healing and what is it?

I heal body, mind and soul by using the gifts of nature and there are plenty of options, if you’re receptive to them.

Crystals are my favourite source of healing due to their unique patterns and vibrational energy. If you would like to know why you are drawn to crystals, please read choosing crystals.

If you would like my advice on which ones to purchase from Gemstone and Tarot, please get in touch. Gemstone and Tarot is my shop that I own with Mark.

I’ve been designing specially made gemstone healing bracelets since 2014. I intuitively know which crystals will work for the recipient and I collect my crystal recipes in my very own journal. Each bracelet is infused with healing intent and is sealed with Reiki symbols. The process of creating a bracelet and of infusing it, is an experience you won’t forget when in person.

I also use crystals during Reiki, which again naturally enhances the healing energy.

I often connect to the energy of crystals that I’m drawn to and I do this via meditation. Not only do I receive the healing energy of the crystal, I’m getting double the healing energy from meditating. If you would like to know more about this, please read meditating with crystals.

The power of healing

Everybody has the power of healing within themselves. It’s a natural instinct for a mother to soothe the pain of their child using their hands. It’s also a natural instinct to soothe emotional pain with a loving embrace.

The intention is to take away that pain and it’s infused with LOVE!

The power of our intention or should I say, directed thought is not to be underestimated. When we think positively, we are raising our vibrational energy and it attracts positive energy. I could talk all day about Universal Laws such as attraction and vibration, but I shall leave that for another day.

Unfortunately, as we go through life, many of us including myself get caught up with stress. We fill our mind, body and soul with negative energy and we ignore our true calling. We develop a fear of our positive spirit or intuition and we block our ability to naturally progress and love life.

Psychic ability is a classic natural skill that we lose as we grow older, but deep in your heart, you wonder if you are psychic don’t you?

I have always known that I am and I can sense energy easily. I trust in my intuition and I have a strong faith in the universe. Without this, I wouldn’t have known that natural healing stems from deep within my ancestral roots.

How do you know natural healing stems from your ancestral roots?

I have gone through a spiritual awakening and it will never be complete. I fully believe that life is a continual journey of learning, with love and excitement and this is the path I tread.

They say that many of us have an awakening that stems from a life struggle. Mine stems from severe anxiety and bouts of minor depression that I’ve since learned to manage. We need anxiety to keep us safe, so you should never want to get rid of it altogether. Life is about balance!

Meditation is a practice of stilling our mind and journeying within. It’s here that the calling of my ancestors finally got through to me. It was beautiful and profound and I struggle to put it fully into words.

Natural healers

The words of my grandad have always stayed with me. He told me when I was a little girl, that we are descendants of a Pendle Hill witch named Old Chattox.

Those women who were persecuted weren’t the witches we read about in fairy tales. I fully believe they were innocent and that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There have always been natural healers who use the gifts of mother nature to heal. Herbs, plants, universal energy, crystals, sound and lots more are a natural healers tools along with intention.

I often have visions of an old lady and her face is obscured by leaves and branches. She’s in the woods foraging and I know that she’s a healer. She’s also my guide, or is she me from a past life?

I’ve also been told by my favourite tarot reader that I have strong healing roots of which I’m currently exploring. I will add more about this at a later date, but for now, if you would like to work with me, please get in touch.

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