Practising Gratitude

Practising Gratitude

Practising gratitude is a key concept of mindfulness that will bring joy and positivity into your life, plus making you feel great!

Practising gratitude daily will bring joy into your life
Practice the art of gratitude

When you’re in the present moment and you’re not caught up in your anxious merry go round thoughts, you will see and notice things around you that you may have taken for granted.

A mindful walk

The next time you’re on a walk, make a point of smelling the scent of those beautiful coloured flowers that are in bloom. Look for the life buzzing around you, and listen to the birds singing loudly. Pay attention and focus on all of the sounds and sights of nature, and how they make you feel. For example, the feel of a nice cool breeze on your face in the hot sun.

Having mindful walks and using your senses will reconnect you with Mother Earth allowing you to feel safe and secure. It will help you to feel grounded and you will begin to feel at one with the Universe. It will also give you an idea of what we should be thankful for on a daily basis.

Adding gratitude into the equation will help you to discover your self-worth and purpose for being here and more importantly, you will build self-love.

Practising gratitude on a daily basis will raise your vibration and you will feel a lot happier. When we feel a lot happier and at one with ourselves, and the universe, we will attract more of the things in life that make us feel good. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!

Practising Gratitude Journal

Buy yourself a lovely journal and write daily everything that you’re grateful for in the last 24 hours. Also include yourself in this, i.e. what are you going to pat yourself on the back for doing that made you feel great?

By doing this, you are connecting not only to yourself where you find out truly who you are, you will also realise your true potential, and how you can achieve anything. You will reconnect with the universe and understand the beauty of life that is yours to enjoy. This activity alone will increase your love of life and your love for WHO YOU ARE!

Like Attracts Like

Below are some questions that you can contemplate for this exercise to get you started. Whatever you’re grateful for in life and for what you have achieved, you must write down how it made you FEEL. I really can’t emphasise enough how important it is that you write how you FEEL. Also, writing in a journal, putting pen to paper adds more positive energy.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

  • What life giving resources are you grateful for today and how does it make you feel?
  • What nurturing relationships are you grateful for today and how do these make you feel?
  • What material things are you grateful for and how do they make you feel?
  • What skills are you grateful for having, or learned and how do they make you feel?
  • What recent successes are you grateful for and how do they make you feel?
  • What have you seen or witnessed recently that you are grateful for and how do these make you feel?
  • What have you attracted into your life that you are grateful for and how did it make you feel?
  • What are YOU grateful for that YOU achieved in the last 24 hours and how does this make you feel?

Now wish yourself and everyone around you a happy and wonderful day!