Practising Gratitude

Practising gratitude is a key concept of mindfulness and will bring positivity to your life.

Practising gratitude daily will help you enjoy life!
Practising gratitude daily will help you enjoy life!

When you’re in the present moment and not caught up in your anxious merry go round thoughts, you will see and notice things around you.

Go on a walk and you will smell the scent of those beautiful coloured flowers that are in bloom, you will see life buzzing around you, and you will hear the birds singing loudly. You will notice and focus your attention on the sounds and sights of nature that will in turn, reconnect you with Mother Earth, allowing you to feel safe and secure, in other words, you will feel grounded.

You will begin to connect to the wisdom of the universe as you pay more attention to your mind and body and by practising gratitude daily, you will know what life giving resources you are thankful for.

Practising gratitude will bring more positive thoughts into your life and you will find it easy when you’re living in the present moment. For tips on how to do this, please read my Observe the Thought article.

Practising Gratitude Journal

A good exercise and one that I love to do is to sit each morning listening to the birds undisturbed. If you can’t hear them from your location, then do purchase some bird song and have that playing softly in the background.

Ask yourself the following questions and note mentally your answers and afterwards, write them down in your journal. At night before bed, revisit your journal and see what you accomplished and what you are grateful for.

By doing this, you are connecting not only to yourself where you find out truly who you are, you will also realise your true potential and how you can achieve anything. You will also connect to the universe and understand the beauty of life that is yours for the taking. Below are some questions that you can contemplate for this exercise and imagine yourself truly grateful for everything you have and the happiness it brings.

  • What life giving resources are you grateful for today?
  • What nurturing relationships are you grateful for today?
  • What material things are you grateful for?
  • What skills are you grateful for having or learned?
  • What recent successes are you grateful for?
  • What have you seen or witnessed recently that you are grateful for?
  • What have you attracted into your life that you are grateful for?

Now wish yourself and everyone around you a happy and wonderful day!

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