Practising Mindfulness

So this morning I decided to start the day by being mindful in the shower as I realised that my head was crammed with unnecessary chitter chatter.

I decided that I would imagine the water cleansing my mind so that I can start the day afresh and that I would be kind to myself by not chastising myself for jumping on the drama roundabout.

Being Mindful

It was time to step off this merry go round and be mindful by feeling the water on my skin, observe the swirls of steam and smell the scents of shampoo and soap.

I smiled and began by taking a nice slow breath in when suddenly I inhaled some water to the back of my throat. I almost heaved and called myself a bloody ‘****head’.

So much so for being non-judgemental!

Being mindful is a way of life.
Being mindful is a way of life!

I really did start laughing at myself for this, but years of negative thought patterns, being judgemental and being my own worst critic, showing myself absolutely no love or kindness, is not going to be transformed in one or a hundred sessions of practising mindfulness.

Practising Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice and a way of life. Do it everyday and it will become easier.

My mindfulness lesson today is…

I instantly realised what I had done.

This in itself is a major step forward and now that I’m aware and in the present moment, I can continue the day on a positive note and not a day of continued lack of self-love and disappointment.

Practising mindfulness is a way of life that has many benefits.

Isn’t it time you showed yourself some self-love, kindness and compassion?

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