Principles of Reiki

It’s not just in today’s society that we need to create a positive mental attitude to maintain our well-being and live a fulfilled life.

Dr Usui (1865 – 1926), founder of Usui Reiki that I’m a master of, created the five Reiki principles as a form of improving our happiness and well-being.

Affirming these 5 reiki principles each morning and each evening before retiring will help us enhance our mental health and well-being. Read on to find out more..

The five Reiki principles
The five reiki principles

Just for today, understanding and reciting these 5 reiki principles will help us to live in the present and be in control of our emotions.

Let go of anger

Anger can be destructive and if we don’t let go of it, we are storing negative energy deep within our bodies that leads to stress and if not checked, can then lead to physical illness. It’s a waste of ones energy and nothing gets resolved while anger controls ones emotions.

The first reiki principle is to let go of anger, release this destructive, negative energy and live life to the full, but how?

Letting go of anger is a skill and this is why Dr Usui created the Reiki principles to be chanted on a daily basis in order to become a way of life.

So, how do you let go of anger and regain your control?

Recognise quickly the negative qualities of anger and what it is doing to your body. Some people start to raise their voice, go red and some even shake. Know the energy your body is giving to these few symptoms of which there are many more tell-tale signs of anger rising and take a step back and breathe. Walk away initially if you have to, but pause for time to think.

Conflict isn’t the answer and shouting to get your point heard is also not the answer. It’s far better to stop yourself from getting to this stage by pausing and remaining calm. Constructive dialogue rather than things spinning out of control is the preferred approach and the best option for achieving resolution. If you remain calm, so do others.

How do I release negative energy that built up?

You need to release that pent up negative energy to avoid bringing on poor physical and mental health. The best form of releasing this negative energy is to do some physical exercise or something rigorous.

There are other options too such as meditation, visualisation, crafting, singing, dancing and even housework.

Learning to control your emotions by not allowing anger to take over is a skill to be acquired, hence it being one of the five Reiki principles to be practised daily.

I will let go of worry

As above with anger, unnecessary worry also causes negative energy to be stored deep within our bodies clouding our energy centres and if it remains, this negative energy will lead to stress, anxiety and subsequently ill health of mind, body and spirit.

With my experience of anxiety, I know how worrying can have a severe impact on the quality of your life and I also know that it isn’t enough to just repeat these 5 reiki principles on a daily basis. You have to understand them and believe in them so that it becomes a way of life.

Let go of past worry

If you’re worrying about something that happened in your past, you need to understand the negative emotions this is causing you. If it’s fear, you need to face it in order to move on. If it’s regret, then what can you learn from it to enable you to release the pent up negative energy and move forward? It’s impossible to go back in time and change things, but you can move forward by thinking of the positive aspects and focusing on them. Create new goals and move forward with ease.

Anxiety and the drama roundabout

But, what if you’re worrying about the future, the dreaded ‘what if‘ scenario that unfolds its dramatic adventure in your head, building and building, heightening your emotions while you ride the drama roundabout that you’re struggling to step off?

When I tell you that this negative energy clouds our chakras and affects your physical health, do you believe me?

It’s easy to understand the effect anxiety and too much worry has on your mental health, but have you thought about what it’s doing to your body on a physical basis?

When stuck in fight or flight mode, lots of people struggle with their breathing due to their chest muscles tightening.

How about your neck and shoulders aching due to you being tense all of the time? These are just two examples of negative energy leading to poor mental and physical health.

Anxiety has to be managed and the best way of doing this is to remain in the present moment. By practising mindfulness and meditation, you will begin to recognise when you’re going into auto-pilot and jumping onto your very own drama roundabout.

With mindfulness meditation, you can bring yourself back into the present moment and it could be as simple as feeling the sun on your face. Make use of your five senses to be in the present moment and stop the worrying.

One last tip that really helps me is to talk openly about your struggles because you will find that you’re not alone. Trust me, I thought that my struggle with anxiety was solely me and that no one can help me as how could anyone possibly understand what’s going on in my head if I don’t fully understand it myself?

Please talk, please be open and share your troubles.

I will do my work, honestly

This is one of the reiki principles that I didn’t quite understand at first as I simply related it to my employment. I faced challenges that were beyond my control, kept quiet as speaking out would probably cause further problems and tried to give an outward image of being in control while inside suffering from doubt and fear. I instantly blocked this affirmation believing that I could never do my work with honesty.

Of course, I misunderstood it and I chose denial as it’s a lot easier to do so!

This is about you and how you live your life, how you value your self and others. Work isn’t just about employed work. It’s how you grow your dreams, what you think and feel about them and what you learn along the way, good or bad.

I may not like my employment and I may think it’s very stressful at times, but I can’t just quit work! I have bills to pay and more importantly, I have to be honest with myself and focus on the positives I bring to the role and the impact I have on others around me such as colleagues, friends, family and my partner, Mark.

I have to be fully open and honest with them and MYSELF because if I was to live in denial, I’d be creating negative energy and by now you should know that it’s not good to harbour any of that!

If I chose denial, I would not be writing this now, manifesting my dreams and stepping closer to the life I want to live. Denial is not doing my work honestly.

My other work is manifesting my dreams that involves listening to my inner voice and being true to it even when I don’t want to hear it due to fear. Gemstone Tarot and Healing is my true desire and this is me doing my work with honesty. To be successful, I know I have to retrain, get some new skills under my belt and grow and when the time is right, I can do the right thing and leave the stressful day job and follow my dream. I can’t rush into this and deny my inner voice.

Each day is a new day and if you reflect and focus on the positive aspects, even when the going is tough, you will be harnessing valuable knowledge that will help you with your work, whatever that work maybe.

If I chose to remain in denial, I wouldn’t be honest.

Grateful for all of my blessings

Sometimes it’s very easy to forget what you have in abundance, the essential qualities in life that keep you and yours alive.

Daily gratitude is this month's feature in the Meditation and Mindfulness A to Z
Daily gratitude is this month’s feature in the Meditation and Mindfulness A to Z

Being grateful for your blessings and showing gratitude every day will improve your mental health and well-being.

In today’s society, we are always looking for more, comparing ourselves with others that results in a lot of unhappiness.

I’m grateful for the sun and the power it provides to sustain life, I’m grateful for being alive to experience the magic it provides with its beautiful colours and rays of light. I love listening to the birds singing, I love seeing the vibrant colours of nature all around me and I love listening to the gentle waves lapping the sand. I’m grateful for the air that we breathe and realise how important it is that we need to sustain life’s resources for future generations.

Gratitude is an emotion and a way of life, not just a thankless word

Amanda Norman

Be kind to every living thing

We are just one in this vast universe and it’s important to understand how interconnected we are.

If we show love and respect for all living things, we will create a world of love and respect. This occurs when we understand the impact of our thoughts and feelings on ourselves and others.

So just for today, be kind to every living thing. Show some love and kindness and by doing so, you will be sharing your positive energy, making everyone around you feel good!

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