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This is my journal about helping Mark to quit smoking with Reiki and gemstone healing. It contains lots of useful advice and information for you to practice healing with your own crystal gemstones.

Crystal gemstones used during Mark's Reiki session to help him quit smoking
Crystal gemstones used during Mark’s Reiki session to help him quit smoking

I very rarely go searching the properties of crystal gemstones these days as I like to work them out for myself in relation to each chakra. I get a lot more from my gemstone healing by doing it this way and it’s all about being creative and mindful and don’t forget, when you’re being creative and mindful, you’re in the present moment.

How did I pick the crystal gemstones to help quit smoking?

Following a cleansing of all my crystals, it was time to select one for each chakra to use during the reiki session.

The only crystal gemstone out of the seven that I picked knowingly, i.e. I chose it by looking at it and feeling it, was the Mahogany Obsidian.

Mahogany Obsidian used on the root chakra to help Mark quit smoking
Mahogany Obsidian used on the root chakra to help Mark quit smoking

The other six crystal gemstones were chosen with my eyes closed and holding my left hand over them while trusting my instinct or inner voice. I chose what I felt was right and I was surprised by my choice.

This article is a lesson to show you that you don’t have to go with a crystal gemstone that is the same colour as a chakra.

Please go with what feels right for you and your situation. I’ve written another article about choosing crystals that is worth reading.

Root chakra and Mahogany Obsidian

I deliberately chose Mahogany Obsidian for Mark’s root chakra because of it’s earthy red colour that will ground him fully to enable him to have the drive to beat his addiction of smoking. He needs to be fully grounded as his emotions and feelings will play havoc and he needs to remain strong.

The earthy red of Mahogany Obsidian will cement his belief that he can beat this and he will feel strong enough to survive the onslaught of negativity that will rise within.

The black tones of the Mahogany Obsidian will help to repel the negative energy, in this case temptation and his negative thinking that he can’t do it. So far, it’s holding.

Sacral chakra orange Chalcedony

Orange Chalcedony was intuitively picked for Mark's Sacral Chakra to help him quit smoking
Orange Chalcedony was intuitively picked for Mark’s Sacral Chakra to help him quit smoking

Firstly, I was surprised that I picked a crystal gemstone with orange tones, which must be a good match for the sacral chakra right?

It has to be noted that this particular crystal, orange Chalcedony, isn’t a solid orange and this will ensure that the right amount of energy is used to balance Mark’s sacral chakra. Too much energy would send his emotions and feelings into overdrive and that’s not what is required for him to beat his smoking addiction. He needs passion for himself and creativity to help him beat his cravings.

Solar plexus chakra and golden Tigers Eye

Golden Tigers Eye used to help Mark quit smoking
Golden Tigers Eye used to help Mark quit smoking

Golden Tiger’s Eye was the crystal gemstone intuitively chosen to place over Mark’s solar plexus chakra and this I believe will help him keep control of his thoughts and emotions.

The golden tones of Tiger’s Eye will provide focus and clarity of thought that’s required for Mark to accomplish his goal. Positive thoughts create positive energy that will feed the energy required to manifest his vision of being smokefree. Will-power is also essential and the brown and orange tones of Tiger’s Eye will strengthen his ability to remain strong and grounded.

Heart Chakra and Rhyolite

Rhyolite is used with Mark's heart chakra to aid in quitting smoking
Rhyolite is used with Mark’s heart chakra to aid in quitting smoking

Rhyolite was intuitively chosen to place over Mark’s heart chakra during the reiki session and it’s not a crystal gemstone that I’m familiar with so I’ve done a lot of meditation with Rhyolite and below is a summary of my thoughts.

I’ve always been drawn to the patterns on this stone and I always think that it has rivers of energy within, clearly seen in some areas as pathways separating the different shades of green and golden browns. The swirls of colours indicate energy and transformation. Rhyolite makes me feel that there is movement of energy and the word transformation jumps out at me.

Green is a healing colour and it also represents growth and transition.

There’s a lot of healing required for Mark to overcome his smoking addiction.

I asked him what feelings he gets from smoking and he told me that it calms him down, making him feel relaxed and chilled. He needs to find it in his heart to feel the same way when he focuses on being smokefree. He needs to transform his love and belief of himself that is there, as he wouldn’t have wanted to quit smoking in the first place.

In order to transform his life, he needs to believe that he’s better than his addiction and Rhyolite will help him do this as there’s also small patches of red for passion and tones of gold and yellow within that will help him focus on his goal. I don’t think I could have chosen a better crystal.

Throat chakra and yellow Agate

Yellow Agate was chosen for Mark's throat chakra to help him quit smoking
Yellow Agate was chosen for Mark’s throat chakra to help him quit smoking

At first, I thought that yellow Agate was such an odd colour for the throat chakra, but I went with my intuition and again, meditated over this crystal gemstone.

Not only is this piece of yellow Agate the colour of nicotine stains and the colour that represents the element of air, I believe that yellow Agate was the best choice as it will manifest his original thought of giving up smoking.

It’s at the solar plexus chakra stage that Mark manifested the thought of giving up smoking and now the yellow Agate placed upon the first of the spiritual chakras, cements that original thought, making it a reality. He now has additional power and energy for him to succeed with his quest to quit smoking.

Brow chakra and Labradorite

Labradorite will aid Mark with his quest to give up smoking
Labradorite will aid Mark with his quest to give up smoking

One of my favourite crystals, Labradorite was placed on Mark’s brow chakra.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the shimmer of gold that’s reflected upon Labradorite’s surface. The journey of manifesting his goal to quit smoking has now become a reality and the beautiful golden shimmer that Labradorite bestows, will help Mark succeed. The universe is working with him on this.

Turn Labradorite in a different direction and it shimmers with the most beautiful tone of midnight blue and this is the connection with the brow chakra.

Labradorite will provide balance between the love of himself and the love of nicotine. Mark needs to fully embrace his inner voice telling him to give up smoking.

The different tones of blues and greens within Labradorite provide further healing energy and will calm his mental state.

Crown chakra and fire Agate

Fire Agate to help Mark give up smoking
Fire Agate to help Mark give up smoking

The final crystal gemstone to be used with Mark’s crown chakra is Fire Agate, but why?

I haven’t quite worked out why this stone was selected as it has a strong energy and in this particular piece of Fire Agate, there is also quite a lot of white that represents pure spirit and healing energy.

It maybe as simple as Fire Agate providing Mark with passion and much needed pure, healing energy to quit smoking. I asked Mark to study the Fire Agate and tell me what words came to his mind and he said, swirly and bubbly. Translating those keywords of swirly and bubbly, I believe that Fire Agate is the passion and energy required for Mark’s no smoking quest.

Day 5 of quitting smoking update

During the first 4 days, Mark become extremely agitated and struggling with his attention span.

Day 5 (today), he’s doing well and he’s working on his gemstone cards for the shop, Gemstone and Tarot. He has massively cut down on smoking. He tried to go cold turkey, without any patches and that’s more than likely what drove him around the twist. Look out for future updates.

22 April 2020 Update

Today, Mark has lost count of how many days he’s been smoke free. He did tell me ‘years’ hahaha, but it’s not been easy for him. It’s been at least a week now.

These gemstone meanings are traditional and are not a substitute to medical practices. No claims have been made about the suitability of this stone or any stone for healing or for curing diseases. It’s important that if you’re in need of medical assistance, you consult with your doctor.

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