Reiki changed my life

Reiki changed my life for the better and it can do the same for you as well. Not only does it help with healing physical issues, it’s good for healing emotions and your spirit as they are all interconnected.

Amanda explains how reiki changed her life
Amanda explains how reiki changed her life

Since incorporating reiki into my life, good things have come my way and I fully believe that as the healing energy balanced each of my chakras, it raised my vibration and I started attracting what was good for me and my life.

No more anxiety, no more negative feelings of being down, a failure and feeling paranoid.

Reiki's five principles that are easy to adopt
Reiki’s five principles that are easy to adopt

Reiki and adopting reiki’s five principles can help you to raise your vibration so that you too can bring positive feelings and good health back into your life.

I can provide you with reiki online or over the telephone as well as providing it in person when safe to do so. Check the current price list here.

Please note, that I don’t recommend you use reiki instead of seeking professional medical attention. Reiki is a complimentary therapy only!

Get in touch if you would like to book a session or find out more. x

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