Reiki Colours Journal

This journal details the colours my clients see during a reiki treatment and what they could mean
What do colours mean during a Reiki session?

Welcome to my journal about Reiki Colours. Here you will gain a personal insight into my journey of learning and experience of Reiki. Please visit Amanda’s Reiki Journal to view other topics associated with Reiki.

What are Reiki colours?

Reiki colours are prominent colours that my clients tell me they see during their Reiki treatment. I have been tempted to enter this term into Google to find out more, but for the time being, I’m holding off and adding them here into my Reiki Colours Journal. Please check back on a regular basis to view updates I make as I continue my professional development.

You may disagree with my experiences and you are perfectly fine to do so, but I only ask that you remember that I’m documenting my own personal experiences as part of my learning. I’m very open to receiving your opinions and thoughts as long as they are constructive.

Seeing the colours purple and white during a Reiki Treatment

Seeing the colour purple is very common during a Reiki treatment and I have intuitively associated this with healing energy. I’m also thinking that it may have something to do with the experience of opening yourself up to your higher self to accept the natural healing energy to enter, i.e. a spiritual awakening.

A bright white light was also described to me by one client who said that it was almost as though it had rainbow colours. I showed her a piece of Opalite and she said that it was like that. I had also associated this with healing, the same as purple above and I asked Pauline my Reiki master for her opinion and she confirmed it.

Reiki treatments in Liverpool with Amanda Norman from Gemstone Healing
Reiki treatments in Liverpool with Amanda Norman from Gemstone Healing

Seeing the colours of thick black fog or grey smoke during a Reiki treatment

I don’t mind admitting that I was slightly worried when my client told me days later after receiving her Reiki treatment in Liverpool that after seeing a brilliant white colour that turned to beautiful purple, she then saw black and it felt like a thick black fog or smoke pressing down over her eyes.

I informed my client that I believe it’s the negativity and deep seated emotions leaving her body as this is what my intuition was telling me, but I wasn’t sure about the feeling of being pressed down. It’s also important to state that my client was not worried in the slightest as she felt good and felt like a weight had been lifted off her. This is why I intuitively felt it was part of the healing process.

For my own peace of mind and to make sure that I wasn’t doing any harm, I had to ask my Reiki master, Pauline and ask her if she had experienced anything like this. It was during this conversation that she told me about the colours of purple and white being associated with healing. A good Reiki master will always be able to provide advice and on-going guidance, hence why I do recommend the Reiki Academy in Liverpool for training.

Healing Crisis

Pauline told me that the colours of grey and black often represents anxiety or the loss of a loved one. They can also represent separation or a change in life style. Anxiety is one of my client’s symptoms and she had very recently lost a friend. Pauline went onto tell me about a client once who had felt like someone was holding her down and that she had felt a lot of anxiety that day. She said that sometimes the healing can feel like a pressure, but afterwards they feel a lot lighter and brighter and that this is part of a healing crisis. People describe it differently.

Within time, I have no doubt that I’d have worked this one out for myself, but for now, it’s very important that I have the confidence and knowledge that I’m not causing people harm.

I could easily search the Internet for other people’s advice about what certain Reiki sensations and experiences mean, but these would be personal to them. This is my journey of trusting my Reiki intuition and experiencing first hand, (no pun intended 😉 the joy of bringing healing into my life and that of those that I treat. Please check back on a regular basis as updates will be added.


  1. Hello

    Do you know anything about seeing turquoise / bright green during treatments please?

    • Hi Lorraine
      Thank you for taking the time to ask.
      Turquoise and bright green colours are generally considered to be healing colours, but it depends on how you felt and what your intuition tells you as everyone is different.

      Kind Regards

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