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The main benefits of a Reiki session are as follows: –

  • Releases stress that if allowed to remain can lead to illness
  • An effective way to create a high level of well-being by balancing the mind and emotions
  • Heals body, mind and spirit
  • Develops positive attitude
  • Expands creativity
  • Enhances personal growth
  • Increases energy
  • Very calming and relaxing
  • Reiki can help to relieve pain and insomnia
  • Reiki can speed up recovery from surgery or long term illness

I had Reiki session with Mandy. I was a bit sceptical about having this done but I have to say it was brilliant and more relaxing than I could imagine for my body and mind! I will definitely be going back!!

Michelle 04/02/2019

Reiki is a universal healing energy that is administered by the hands, either via touch or holding the hands near the body. This energy can also be channelled over long distances as we are all connected in the Universe. The air that you exhale is absorbed by me and many others and let’s not forget about the many plants that create oxygen we need from the carbon dioxide we produce from our breath. Our breath is universal life force energy and just like a radio or television signal, Reiki can be channelled over any distance.

So, how does Reiki work?

Think about the impact on your body that your thinking has. When you are stressed, angry and or anxious how does your body feel?

Some examples can include tension, aches and pains. When you’re anxious you may feel intense butterflies in the pit of your stomach or you become tight chested that affects your breathing. Left unchecked or if you remain in continual fight or flight response, ultimately our health will suffer.

When you feel great, how does your body feel?

You may have lots more energy, you’re happy, smiley and your mind is in a good place.

When we suffer the onset of continual negative thinking and it affects our mental health, such energy can become stored in our bodies that affects the natural flow of universal life force energy, which ultimately can lead to dis-ease.

Reiki can help shift these stagnant blocks of energy and help you to achieve balance of mind, body and soul.

During Reiki, the life force energy flows through your body synchronising and energising your vital meridian points while aligning and balancing the major chakras.

My job as a Reiki practitioner is to channel the universal life energy through you. I have received training and attunements from a Reiki Master to allow this flow of natural healing energy to flow through me a lot quicker. For further information about the benefits and what happens during a reiki treatment, please scroll down.

Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki Treatment in Person


I apologise for any inconvenience. If you require Reiki, please consider distant Reiki healing as it is just as effective.

  • In person Reiki treatment
  • £30
  • A typical session can last from 40 to 45 minutes if in person (a first time consultation of approximately 10 to 15 minutes is in addition)
  • Click here to book a treatment

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

We are all different and therefore people will experience different sensations or emotions during their Reiki treatment.  It all depends on what the individual requires at the time of their Reiki session.  The most common reported sensations are: –

  • A deep relaxation
  • Feel sensations of heat
  • Sensations of tingling
  • Seeing colours
  • Feeling emotional, which is OK as this means harmony is being restored

What happens during a Reiki session?

  • Read about distant reiki healing here if not receiving Reiki in person
  • You can have Reiki stood up, sat down or on a massage bed
  • You remain fully clothed at all times
  • The setting will include relaxing music and lots of gemstone crystals
  • Includes a chakra balance

How long does Reiki last following a treatment?

A Reiki treatment can last days, if not weeks and regular treatments will usually take place on a monthly basis. It really depends on you and your requirements.

Are there any side effects from a Reiki session?

You may feel emotional during or after a Reiki treatment session that is down to the release of toxins from the body.  It’s the same as receiving a massage and you should drink plenty of water afterwards and not drive straight away.

What is a healing crisis?

Some people and practitioners can experience what is known as a healing crisis.  This is the release of toxins or pent up emotions that have been deep seated for years.  A better terminology would be a healing cleansing as the phrase healing crisis is in my opinion, negative and worrying. 

Common symptoms of a healing cleansing can be mild flu symptoms, emotional release, headache or tiredness and they don’t last more than a day or so.  Please discuss this in more detail with your Reiki practitioner who should put your mind at ease at all times including after your treatment.

Are there occasions when a Reiki treatment cannot be performed?

Due to the flow of healing energy, you must not be under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.
Other considerations will be discussed during your consultation.

Are you insured to perform Reiki?

Amanda Norman is a Registered Member of the Reiki Guild
Amanda is a registered member of the Reiki Guild

Yes I am insured to perform Reiki and I’m also a registered member of The Reiki Guild.

Can Reiki be used instead of medical treatment?

Absolutely NOT!

A Reiki practitioner will never diagnose an illness and Reiki does not replace a doctor or regular treatment.  It can be delivered along side treatments to aid physical and psychological healing

Is Reiki a religion?


Reiki is spiritual in nature and is not a religion although it’s important that the practitioner lives and acts in a way that promotes harmony.

Are you trained to perform Reiki?

I am a trained Reiki Master my Reiki lineage has been approved by the Reiki Guild. I continue my professional development at all times, evidenced in my Reiki Journal.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered above, or you would like to book a session, please get in touch.

I had reiki from Mandy and reflexology from Mark yesterday and have to say it was amazing!! They are both extremely knowledgeable and explained everything before and throughout the process. I felt so relaxed throughout both treatments. Mandy gave me some great tips for my poor sleep and I used them when I woke up in the night and they worked! I have already booked in for my next session and cannot wait. I would highly recommend people try it

Emma 17/02/19

Do you do Reiki distant healing?

I do yes. For further details, please click here.

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