Reiki Hand Intuition

Amanda's Journal for learning more about hand intuition
Amanda’s Journal for learning more about hand intuition

Welcome to my journal about Reiki Hand Intuition. Here you will gain a personal insight into my journey of learning and experience of Reiki. I could easily search the Internet for other people’s advice about what certain Reiki sensations and experiences mean, but these would be personal to them. This is my journey of trusting my Reiki intuition and experiencing first hand, (no pun intended ;)) the joy of bringing healing into my life and that of those that I treat. Please check back on a regular basis as updates will be added.

Heat from Reiki Hands

Apart from feeling heat from the palms of my hands and my clients telling me that they also feel it, the more I practice Reiki the more I’m beginning to notice that even when I’m not performing Reiki, the palms of my hands start heating up. This is a sign that I’m being charged and more than likely it’s me or someone close who needs some Reiki healing energy right now.

The heat is a sign of the Reiki healing energy being transmitted through my hand to the client or myself. I don’t always feel this heat and my clients don’t always comment about it and I necessarily don’t think that this is negative.

Feather Touch on Hands

Update 07/04/19: I have since felt the feather lots of times and I do treat it as a sign that I’m being guided by a healing spirit.

To date, I have felt what I can only describe as a small and light feather being brushed against the side of my hand during a Reiki session on two occasions only. I suppose I could describe it as a hair that has fallen from my head, lands on my hand and then continues to fall, brushing across my hand, but when looking there is nothing there.

My Reiki intuition is telling me that this feather sensation during a Reiki session is my spirit guides assuring me that I’m doing well. This occurred for the second time, last night with a regular client and I will come back to this at the end of my journal post.

As I write this, I’m just over 5 months in on my Reiki journey and the more I practice, the more changes I’m noticing.

I’ve even given up smoking with no help and no substitution of a vape that I find truly remarkable. My intuition is telling me that my Reiki teachings are responsible for me giving up smoking. What’s even more fascinating is that I’ve just had a feather tingle on my index finger while typing this out.

Update 03/09/2019 – I’m still not smoking and I feel the feather sensation a lot. It’s funny that when I look back on my journal, I’m writing that I’ve only experienced it on two occasions.

Dipping my Hand in Cold Water

Update 07/04/2019: I have since learned that this sensation can also indicate a hole in the aura that needs to be sealed. Each occasion will be different and that’s when as a Reiki practitioner, you have to use your intuition to guide you with what’s right for your client.

Back to last night’s Reiki hand experience that I’m still contemplating.

Near the beginning of December, I received my Reiki second degree and provided to me by my Reiki Master was three power symbols to enhance the flow of Reiki healing energy.

I used for the second time only during an actual treatment, the Reiki distant healing symbol as I had been under the impression that it was only to be used for long distant healing (not in the same building) until I read it in a Reiki book that I treated myself to.

The temperature of heat from my hands was the most significant I had felt and I could also feel mild sensations of tingling and vibration that I’ve not felt before. These sensations were different to the feather sensation.

I performed all Reiki hand positions on my clients head and throat, but when I got to her heart chakra, it was like dipping my hand in cool water. I wondered if it was her breath at first and I ruled this out. I remembered about my Reiki teachings and how we are encouraged to trust our intuition and I continued with the session. No other chakra had this cool and still sensation.

Cold Water Hand Sensation During Reiki Update

On further treatments, I have felt this cold water hand sensation again during a Reiki treatment. This time I felt it over the root chakra and I can only describe it as dipping your hand in cool bubbling water.

My reiki intuition tells me now that if I feel this sensation, then that particular chakra is not balanced. My client informed me prior to the reiki session that one of his symptoms is anxiety and if your root chakra is unbalanced, one of the symptoms is anxiety, fear and stress. I created the Root Chakra – Gemstones poster below that tells you what gemstones you can use with the root chakra to balance the energy. I also design reiki healing gemstone bracelets that are available to purchase.

Guidance of Spirits?

Upon sealing my client’s aura at the end, I came across another noticeable cool spot, but this one felt totally different. I had just moved past her right hip, moving down to her feet when my hand moved into a cold area that felt like a draught, but no air was moving. I moved my hand down and back up and it was still there in that same spot and I continued with the sealing of the aura and decided that I would discuss my sensations with her at the end. My intuition did tell me that there was a spirit stood next to me and my hand was moving through it, but I didn’t know what to think about the cool water at the heart chakra sensation.

My client believes that the spirit of a female she helped during her final months of life and who was buried 3 weeks ago, was with her and looking out for her. She has come to this conclusion because the lady died of heart failure that coincides with my feeling of dipping my hands in cool water when above her heart chakra.

She also told me that it was the best Reiki session she had received from me yet and that she felt totally cleansed. She really enjoyed it!

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