Removing Personal Barriers

The Five of Swords represents a difficult situation as it highlights that you’re preventing yourself from moving forward. Challenging situations don’t define you is a key message of this card!

The five of swords represents time to remove our personal barriers and move forward
Five of Swords, how to remove our personal barriers

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You probably feel defeated, lost or in a no-win situation when this card shows up, but have you considered that perhaps the situation you’re experiencing right now, is in fact an opportunity for new input and growth?

The imagery on the card above shows the man looking at the woman behind him and it represents that sometimes people around us maybe holding you back. Are they trustworthy, do they support you in your quest for a better future?

Do you need to make a sacrifice to move forward?

The Five of Swords asks you to pause and listen to the truth of the situation. Acting right now is pointless and destructive. Instead it’s best to examine your self-belief system, so that you can alter your mental state of fear into one of opportunity.

Time to challenge our self-beliefs

Having positive self-beliefs that serve you will drive you forward with positive enthusiasm, but limiting self-beliefs will hold you back and it’s these that you need to identify so that you can challenge your perception of them.

  • Make a list of all your self-beliefs, both positive and negative
  • Note the advantage you get from your self-belief
  • Challenge your perception of it. What do you REALLY get from having this limiting self-belief?

Take note of the energy you feel while doing this exercise and do consider writing these down. You will notice that those empowering self-beliefs have lots of feel-good energy with a positive vibe, but you won’t like those that limit you and it’s these limiting self-beliefs that you’re going to change by challenging yourself as to why you should keep them.

The benefit of doing this exercise will increase your confidence and therefore you will find it empowering.

By identifying your limiting self-beliefs, you provide yourself with the option of changing them, because after all, you are the master of your thoughts and dreams.

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