Root Chakra

The root chakra (Muladhara – mula = root |adhara = base or support), provides a sense of rootedness/grounding with Mother Earth. It is located at the base of your spine, between the genitals and anus and is associated with the feet, legs, bones, spine, anus, prostate and dense areas of your body e.g. teeth and nails.

Everything you need to know about the root chakra and what crystal gemstones to use
Everything you need to know about the root chakra and what crystal gemstones to use

What’s the purpose of the root chakra?

The purpose of the root chakra is to provide a foundation for living and without it, we wouldn’t be here.

It is the area that we are born from and it is also the same area where the body expels both physical and emotional waste, hence the grounding aspect of this chakra. The negative energy needs to go somewhere and it can be likened to earthing electricity. Keeping hold of this negative energy will cause physical and emotional dis-ease examples being, constipation or repressed anger. Let it go!

From the minute we are born, our survival instincts kick in and we begin to experience life via the five senses of touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing. Via these senses, we are nurtured and comforted and we begin to feel safe and secure. If however danger is present, our adrenal gland creates the energetic response for fight or flight pumping our body with adrenaline so that we can react quickly and be protected.

The root chakra is about action and energy. It provides the energy to get up and go in the morning and drives us forward, motivating us to get tasks or projects completed to aid survival in this very busy world.

Being grounded means to be fully in tune with who you are and your place on Mother Earth. When your feet are firmly on the ground, you are full of confidence, especially about the decisions you make and you’re self assured, fearing nothing. You’re full of energy and you can cope with whatever comes your way.

Root chakra affirmation

Each morning, your root chakra affirmation should be, ‘I AM grounded

What’s the colour of the root chakra?

The colour of the root chakra is commonly associated with red and if you think about it, red is a fire colour that signals energy and passion.

What element is associated with the root chakra?

Earth is the element associated with the root chakra, hence the grounding aspect.

Common phrases associated with the root chakra

There are lots of common phrases associated with the root chakra and below are some of the most popular phrases along with their meaning.

  • I see red (anger)
  • I would if I could (insecure, lack of courage)
  • I can stand on my own two feet (strong and stable)

Crystal Gemstones for the Root Chakra

Red is the colour associated with the root chakra. Therefore red crystal gemstones are most persons first choice when working with the root chakra. Other crystal gemstone colours that work well with the root chakra are black, grey and brown.

The root chakra crystal gemstones listed below are a guide only and you can use any colour crystal that feels right for you.

Gemstone Healing Colour Wheel

I’ve also included the Gemstone Healing colour wheel that I created to show the alternative colour to your chosen one. If you’re working on balancing a chakra, it could be worth trying two gemstones of alternative colours.

Colour wheel with associated planets and elements from Gemstone Healing
Colour wheel with associated planets and elements from Gemstone Healing

Gemstones for balancing the root chakra

For example, for the root chakra you would probably want to pick a red crystal such as Garnet as your first choice. Too much red can provide too much energy and therefore overbalancing the chakra, so you could try balancing it out with a healing green gemstone such as green Aventurine as this is the alternative colour to red on the colour wheel above. You can use more than one gemstone on a chakra and it really is down to what feels right for you. Trust your intuition!

Below I have chosen two crystal gemstones for balancing the root chakra that contain both red and green colours in the same crystal gemstone. Green is a good healing colour and one of growth and nature.

  • Bloodstone
  • Dragon Blood Jasper

Getting out in nature and taking regular walks is an excellent method of trying to balance the energy of your root chakra. Go and listen to the birds singing, feel the breeze on your skin, look at the different colour leaves and how the light falls and notice the different smells. Be at one with nature and you will feel grounded!

How can I choose the right coloured crystal?

Sit quietly with a crystal gemstone in your left hand as this is your receptive hand and meditate for a few minutes making a mental note of how this crystal makes you feel. Next repeat the process with the alternative colour and you will be able to decide on what feels best.

Root Chakra Crystal Gemstones

Gemstones of a pale colour or tint provide positive healing energy due to the amount of white found in them. The colour white is an overall cleanser and contains every colour of the spectrum. It is also associated with purity of spirit, hence why paler colours are stronger for healing. Below is an example of common root chakra crystal gemstones for you to try: –

  • Aragonite
  • Ruby (soft tones of red)
  • Haematite
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Red Jasper
  • Spider Web Jasper
  • Brecciated Jasper

Gemstone combinations for your root chakra

As you know, I struggle with anxiety at times and I have to work out the root cause of it, which 9 out of 10 times is a case of not being grounded. This in turn causes fear and insecurity.

My go to stone is Brecciated Jasper as there is approximately 50% red and 50% brown. I like to combine it with golden sheen Obsidian as this stone will repel negative energies and the golden sheen reduces stress and provides me with confidence and warmth.

What works for me, may not work for you. In my case, I don’t want a solid bright shade of red due to the energy it would provide, I believe it would be too much. The Brecciated Jasper provides me with balance due to the brown earthy tones. It’s about listening to your inner wisdom and trusting it!

What stone would I choose if I required maximum energy?

Root Chakra Gemstones to input missing qualities

Below is a list of root chakra gemstones to look out for when shopping. Remember that any gemstone colours and shades of red, brown, grey and black are good for working with your root chakra.

If I was suffering dis-ease and feeling lethargic or down in the dumps, I would opt for the strong tone of red Garnet. Sometimes I’m attracted to this stone on its own and all I have to do is hold it quietly for a few minutes and I feel a lot better and sometimes I do this without realising that I need to. I’m just drawn to it and when this happens, like attracts like is occurring and the law of attraction has occurred.

In very basic terms, I needed it without knowing! When I think of Garnet, I think of passion and right now I’ve got the urge to go and find my Garnet.

The crystal gemstones that I’ve listed below are the strong, dark shades of red. The healing white colours are missing in these gemstones.

Black is also associated with the root chakra and black is full of mystery and suspense. It’s a colour that can be considered safe and hidden, hence why it is a strong protective colour. Mystics were known to use it to remain hidden when performing spell work. It is known to repel negative energies.

Common red and black gemstones to look out for: –

  • Garnet
  • Red Agate
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Obsidian
  • Brecciated Jasper
  • Onyx

Root Chakra Associations

  • Body – Sexual
  • Mind – Stability
  • Spirit – Security
  • Glands – Adrenal
  • Zodiac – Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn

Chakras are energy centres within our bodies and we have seven major chakras positioned along our spine, each with their own vibrational frequencies. These chakras influence our emotional, spiritual and physical health and when balanced, healing energy from the cosmic universe can run through freely to provide optimum health. Click on the Chakra Index link to read about other chakras.

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