Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra (Svadisthana), provides a sense of self and is known as the centre of divine inner beauty. It is located below your belly button and is associated with the pelvic region and fluid systems of the body.

Everything you need to know about your balancing your sacral chakra and associated crystal gemstones
Everything you need to know about your balancing your sacral chakra and associated crystal gemstones

What’s the purpose of the sacral chakra?

The purpose of the sacral chakra is of self-love and self-knowledge. Spending time alone and getting to know yourself brings the beauty of living into your being. The sacral chakra balances the free giving and receiving of feelings and emotions.

Known as the chakra of your inner-self, the sacral chakra is the seat of your emotions. It’s also governed by the Moon and therefore has a strong feminine energy.

Think of the moon and how she controls the waves and tides of our seas and oceans during her 28 day cycle and then think of your emotions as water and how the fluidity can change.

I love to go down to the coast as the sun sets and just sit quietly watching the soft ebb and flow of the sea and I find it soothing and calming. Everything is peaceful and I feel relaxed, happy and I enjoy every minute of this alone time. Just me and nature and the time to reconnect with Mother Earth’s and the Moon’s energies and balance the energy of my sacral chakra.

It’s worth thinking about how our emotions make us feel. When us women are suffering from premenstrual tension, our emotions can cause havoc causing us to cry, scream, be angry and a sense of being out of control. Just like the moon, us women go through a 28 day cycle hence why the moon governs our sacral chakra and all associated water related body parts.

When I was suffering anxiety, I held it in the pit of my stomach and it gave me such a strong butterfly feeling that was too intense. It was horrible and a sign that my sacral chakra was out of balance!

If our sacral chakra is balanced and we are in good health, our emotions will drive us forward in that, we will have a passion for life and therefore we will have a drive to create life, hence a healthy sexual drive. All of your reproductive organs are governed by your emotions and are water related, but if we don’t love ourselves, don’t respect ourselves or understand the importance of being centred, we will struggle, both emotionally and physically. Know yourself fully and learn what makes you happy.

When I was a child between the ages of 8 and 11, I loved being alone with nature. I spent many hours alone in a place that overlooked a beach, just listening to the birds and I was fully aware of the life and colours that surrounded me. I was very happy doing this and now in my adult life, I fully understand how important it is to spend time with ME and explore what makes me who I am. I spent many years disliking who I was and disrespecting myself, another sure sign that my sacral chakra was out of balance!

It’s important to think back to a time when you loved life and you was alone and in control of your emotions. What was you doing at that moment as it might hold a key to balancing your sacral chakra?

No wonder I get so much happiness and calm from being at the coast at sunset. Wearing orange gemstone jewellery or simply carrying them on your person while doing this adds to the energy. It’s just one of many methods of balancing the chakra energy.

Sacral chakra affirmation

Each morning, your sacral chakra affirmation should be, ‘I CAN express all of my emotions!’

What’s the colour of the sacral chakra?

The colour of the sacral chakra is associated with orange and orange is the colour of assimilation, the process of taking in and fully understanding the goodness of life.

What element is associated with the sacral chakra?

Water is the element associated with the sacral chakra, hence the fluidity and changing of emotions.

Common phrases associated with the sacral chakra

Common phrases associated with the sacral chakra are: –

  • Just go with the flow (water aspect)
  • I’ve got that gut feeling (know and trust your intuition)

Crystal gemstones for the sacral chakra

The most common colour associated with the sacral chakra is orange. Therefore orange crystal gemstones are most persons first choice for balancing the energy of the sacral chakra.

Gemstone healing colour wheel

Below you will find the Gemstone Healing colour wheel that I created to show the alternative colour to your chosen one. If you’re working on balancing a chakra, it could be worth trying two colours, orange and blue. It really is down to what feels right for you, so please trust your intuition!

How can I choose the right coloured crystal?

Sit quietly with a crystal gemstone in your left hand as this is your receptive hand and meditate for a few minutes making a mental note of how this gemstone makes you feel. Next repeat the process with the alternative colour and you will decide on what feels best.

Colour wheel with associated planets and elements from Gemstone Healing
Colour wheel with associated planets and elements from Gemstone Healing

Gemstones for balancing the sacral chakra

Gemstones of a pale colour or tint provide positive healing energy due to the amount of white found in them. The colour white is an overall cleanser and contains every colour of the spectrum. It is also associated with purity of spirit, hence why paler colours are stronger for healing.

Below is an example of common crystal gemstones for balancing the sacral chakra that have more of a peachy tint as they release a gentler flow of energy: –

  • Peach moonstone
  • Orange Calcite (milky)
  • Carnelian with white
  • Pineapple Quartz
  • Sunstone

Sacral Chakra Gemstones to input missing qualities

The sacral chakra crystal gemstones I’ve listed below are the stronger and darker shades of orange.

If you’re drawn to these shades, perhaps you’re missing some of the properties these orange crystal gemstones can provide. For example, fire agate is a strong fire orange colour and can be used to project much needed energy to boost your passion for life.

Common orange gemstones to look out for: –

  • Carnelian
  • Orange Garnet
  • Orange Quartz
  • Fire Agate
  • Amber

Sacral chakra associations

  • Body – Reproduction
  • Mind – Self-love
  • Spirit – inner wisdom
  • Glands – Gonads
  • Zodiac – Libra, Cancer and Scorpio

Chakras are energy centres within our bodies and we have seven major chakras positioned along our spine, each with their own vibrational frequencies. These chakras influence our emotional, spiritual and physical health and when balanced, healing energy from the cosmic universe can run through freely to provide optimum health. Click on the Chakra Index link to read about other chakras.

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