Shaking During a Reiki Session

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Amanda discusses her experiences of people shaking or trembling during a Reiki session
Amanda discusses her experiences of people shaking or trembling during a Reiki session

Today, I performed Reiki on a regular client of mine and it’s the very first time that I experienced someone shaking during a reiki treatment. In fact, her shaking or as she described it, ‘uncontrollable spasms‘ was quite alarming for me to witness, but I proceeded with the session, only because I instinctively knew that it was OK.


While performing the first few reiki hand positions, I had the tingling feather sensation strike my hand on two occasions, which is always a good sign for me as I feel that my spirit guides are guiding me. Please refer to my Reiki Hand Intuition journal for more experiences. I also had very hot hands, in fact, they were unbelievably hot prior to her arriving.

It was when I reached her Solar Plexus chakra that I noticed her chest starting to tremble. I cautiously looked on and her trembling turned into shaking, but only her chest and shoulders. Her eyes remained closed and therefore I just instinctively knew to carry on as it wasn’t medically related. The reason for her trembling then suddenly jumped to the forefront of my mind and I trusted my intuition.

My client had missed her previous reiki session and during that time, she lost her beloved horse. She knew that time was limited with her horse, but the time came far quicker than she expected to say goodbye.

The trembling had to be the release of grieving energy that she had stored within her Solar Plexus chakra. After all, a balanced Solar Plexus chakra will bring joy and happiness. Unbalanced, it will harbour stress and that can lead to ill health. My client had also commented that her sleeping had worsened.

The rest of the reiki treatment went well and when I told my client gently that the session had ended, her first words were ‘what was all that shaking about?’ She also referred to it as being ‘freaky‘. We had a good discussion and I explained about the grieving process and that it must be the negativity leaving her body. She felt fine and told me that she will see how she sleeps tonight.

She slept fine!

Master Shakes

I performed my first Reiki session following my Reiki Master degree training and I felt for the first time, a form of shaking.

Now I say a form of shaking as I don’t know how to fully describe it, but here goes.

As I sat there channelling healing energy around my client’s crown/brow area, I noticed a rumbling sensation coming from the air between my hands and my clients head. The energy grew and it was so strong that I wouldn’t have been surprised if I had witnessed my hands performing caterpillar movements, but they never.

As soon as I realised that I had sensed this energy and trusted my instinct that this was increased power obtained through my Reiki master training, the rumbling subsided.

My client never commented on experiencing anything like this following her Reiki treatment. Instead, she thanked me and said that she hadn’t felt so calm, relaxed and happy in a long time.

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