Today I have experienced Reiki treatment with Amanda. She was absolutely amazing, she helped me to get rid all of my stress and pressure. I felt a 100 times better after the session finished and she gave me few advices about how can I keep my chakras balanced and how can I keep myself fine. She’s highly qualified and she knows what she’s doing. I recommend anyone who has a problem with his/her chakras or can’t deal with his/her stress or anxiety to book an appointment with here as soon as possible. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Amanda ❤️

Asmaa 17/01/2020

My mum had a reiki treatment with mandy at the shop and she would highly recommend you try it. She recalls feeling completely relaxed and plans to go back for further treatments. The shop has some fantastic jewelry which mandy makes by hand.

Steve 16/06/2019

I had reiki from Mandy and reflexology from Mark yesterday and have to say it was amazing!! They are both extremely knowledgeable and explained everything before and throughout the process. I felt so relaxed throughout both treatments. Mandy gave me some great tips for my poor sleep and I used them when I woke up in the night and they worked! I have already booked in for my next session and cannot wait. I would highly recommend people try it

Emma 17/02/2019

I had Reiki session with Mandy. I was a bit sceptical about having this done but I have to say it was brilliant and more relaxing than I could imagine for my body and mind! I will definitely be going back!!

Michelle 04/02/2019

THANK YOU – Your gift and knowledge have truly helped me. I suffer with health issues since having to have my ovaries removed that brought on the dreaded ‘change’ it is an issue that a lot of women do not like to discuss due to the stigma and lack of knowledge and understanding from many people. It’s life changing and there is no going back so managing the ‘change’ and what it leaves you with is extremely difficult. Anxiety, migraine, and my bones hurt! Just to mention three of many issues. I cannot have HRT so it’s just been paracetamol and ibuprofen with the odd migraine relief thrown in . I did try tablets for the anxiety from my GP but taking then made it worse as I stressed about taking them and becoming addicted and I felt weak! My logical thought knows it’s not wrong to take them but when your suffering anxiety you ignore the logic when it comes to yourself. Then you stepped in and offered me help. You have given me understanding of mindfulness and meditation and shown me how to use it to aid my sleep pattern. You hand made me a bespoke bracelet with the perfect balance of crystals to help my pain relief. I took it off a couple of weeks ago and forgot to put it back on and I had one of the worse migraine ever! I have not and will not ever do this again! I was then privileged to be given Reiki by you the sense of total relaxation and even more relief from my bone and joint pain has improved my belief and hope. Your gifted and knowledgeable but most of all passionate about what you believe in the Reiki with the crystals then your knowledge of the tarot cards and your reading are unquestionably a life saver. I look forwards to my next Reiki and our chat about what my next bespoke personalised bracelet will be! Thanks again Mandy xx

Elaine 19/08/2018
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