Throat Chakra

The throat chakra (Vishuddha), allows communication with your higher self. It is the first of the spiritual chakras when moving away from the physical ones of root, sacral and solar plexus.

Balancing this chakra will assist with being able to listen to your inner voice and express your emotions and feelings through music, art and writing.

They say that sound is a powerful healer!

Just on this last statement alone, how good do you feel when you hear and create positive music?

How uplifted do you feel when you journal your thoughts?

How do colours make you feel?

These are just some examples of communicating our emotions and feelings through creativity.

Your throat chakra is located in the middle of your throat area and common ailments are those relating to your throat, thyroid, vocal chord, neck, fevers, ear infections, jaw and mouth.

Throat chakra and associated crystal gemstones
Throat chakra and associated crystal gemstones

What’s the purpose of the throat chakra?

The purpose of the throat chakra is to allow communication and awareness of spirit. It is where we learn to accept our nature and true purpose by listening to our inner soul and listening to words of advice and wisdom. Such knowledge is gained from the akashic record or the collective unconscious, hence the saying that ‘it just came out of the blue‘. Psychic abilities resonate from the throat chakra.

Sound is a key factor with the throat chakra and here, it vibrates at a high frequency. Vibration of sound is good for purifying and cleansing, hence why I use my singing bowl or Tibetan chimes to cleanse my room and crystals.

The journey of manifestation

Manifestation is also a key factor within the throat chakra as it’s here that you create or manifest your dreams. Think about manifestation transcending through each of your chakras starting with the root chakra.

The root chakra provides the energy to get up and go and start your projects. In other words, you’re driven!

The sacral chakra is where you develop feelings and emotions for your dreams.

In the solar plexus chakra, you begin to provide focus and clarity to your dreams.

The heart chakra provides balance and transforms your dreams from physical to spiritual transformation.

Here in your throat chakra, your manifestation has taken hold as each sound and more importantly each thought, has vibration.

The brow chakra or third eye is where your dream becomes a reality.

The universe is listening and it’s here where your dream is manifested. Sound waves were imprinted in the universe during its creation and this is how your throat chakra relates to the universe. If you would like to learn more about this, I’ve found a good video on YouTube titled Sound Waves from the Beginning of Time.

Thought and manifestation explained
Thought and manifestation explained

Positive thinking

Happiness comes from within and if we hold onto our positive thoughts, we will be positive and our dreams can manifest.

When learning about the throat chakra, you begin to realise that happiness is always within. A lot of us, me included until my journey of transformation began, looked outwards for happiness. I was a strong believer in the phrase money makes the world go round. Without money I won’t be happy, but this is rubbish!

We need to understand that if we hold onto our negative thoughts, like mine above, we will never be happy. We need to be grateful for the life giving resources we have on a daily basis and understand that we create our happiness. Think positively and we shall be positive and understand that we already own our happiness. Why go out looking for it if we already have it?

A clear understanding of our throat chakra and a clear flow of energy going through it, will help us achieve success.

Throat chakra affirmation

Each morning, your throat chakra affirmation should be, ‘I speak and I hear the truth!’

What’s the colour of the throat chakra?

The colour associated with the throat chakra is turquoise or light blue.

What element is associated with the throat chakra?

Spirit is the element associated with the throat chakra.

Common phrases associated with the throat chakra

Below is a list of the most common phrases associated with the throat chakra.

  • I have a lump in my throat! – (Finding it difficult to speak)
  • It just came out of the blue! – (You found the right words at the right time that allowed you to speak out)
  • Sound is a powerful healer! – (Throat chakra vibrates at a high frequency and sound is purifying)

Crystal gemstones for your throat chakra

The most common colour associated with the throat chakra is turquoise and light blue.

Gemstone Healing Colour Wheel

Below you will find the Gemstone Healing colour wheel that I created to show the alternative colour to your chosen one. If you’re working on balancing your throat chakra, it could be worth trying two colours such as light blue and orange. Crystals to help with this that contain these colours are: –

  • Blue Chalcedony with streaks of orange
  • Polychrome Jasper
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye has shades of blue and orange

It really is down to what feels right for you, so please trust your intuition!

How can I choose the right coloured crystal?

Sit quietly with a crystal gemstone in your left hand as this is your receptive hand and meditate for a few minutes making a mental note of how this gemstone makes you feel. Next repeat the process with the alternative colour and you will decide on what feels best.

Colour wheel with associated planets and elements from Gemstone Healing
Colour wheel with associated planets and elements from Gemstone Healing

Gemstones for balancing the throat chakra

Gemstones of a pale colour or tint provide positive healing energy due to the amount of white found in them. The colour white is an overall cleanser and contains every colour of the spectrum. It is also associated with purity of spirit, hence why paler colours are stronger for healing.

Below are examples of common light blue crystal gemstones for balancing the throat chakra: –

  • Turquoise
  • Light blue Chalcedony
  • Blue Calcite
  • Angelite
  • Aquamarine

Throat chakra gemstones to input missing qualities

The throat crystal gemstones I’ve listed below are the stronger and darker shades of blue.

If you’re drawn to strong shades, perhaps you’re missing some of the properties these blue crystal gemstones can provide. For example, if you have a lot of anxiety about a job interview or providing a public speech, I would recommend a deep blue Sodalite stone that will help you with your communication.

Common dark blue gemstones to look out for: –

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Sodalite
  • Dumortierite
  • Flourite
  • Blue Tiger’s Eye/Falcon Eye
  • Azurite

Throat chakra associations

  • Body – Vibration
  • Mind – Positivity
  • Spirit – Communication
  • Glands – Thyroid
  • Zodiac – Gemini, Taurus and Aquarius

Chakras are energy centres within our bodies and we have seven major chakras positioned along our spine, each with their own vibrational frequencies. These chakras influence our emotional, spiritual and physical health and when balanced, healing energy from the cosmic universe can run through freely to provide optimum health. Click on the Chakra Index link to read about other chakras.

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