Tourmaline and Anxiety

Tourmaline is one of my favourite crystals for helping me to manage my anxiety. Read on to find out how to use it.

Meditating with Tourmaline
Meditating with Tourmaline

Tourmaline and Anxiety

Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to suffer with continual anxiety knows how fear can be present a lot of the time. It stops us from doing what our heart wants us to do and instead of having courage, we have that feeling of impending doom. Worst of all, if we are asked why we’re scared, we more than likely won’t know the answer and most of the time it’s a HELL of a lot easier to make up an excuse rather than admit to having a fear.

The good news is, you can turn things around just like I did by including mindful meditation with crystals into your daily self-care routine.

Tourmaline is a very good stone to meditate with because it’s a crystal that resonates strongly with your root chakra, which is responsible for your feelings of safety and stability. When not in balance, your root chakra can be responsible for your feelings of fear and procrastination. Tourmaline has a good reputation for being the crystal to protect you from negative energy such as that created by anxiety and fear.

I will tell you later how to meditate with Tourmaline, but it has to be noted that meditating alone with Tourmaline will not cure your anxiety.

Anxiety is required for us to live safely as it alerts us to danger. We should never want to be rid of it. We should be in a position of managing it so that it doesn’t get the better of us and affect the quality of our lives.

Observing your thoughts

For us to successfully manage our anxiety, we need to be observant of our thoughts. This can be achieved by meditating for at least 5 minutes a day and please don’t be distracted by the word meditating or thinking this is too difficult.

Before I explain how to do this, let me describe what happens when we are not in control of our thoughts.

A leaf is a thought……

Imagine sitting at the side of a river bank in Autumn. There’s quite a strong breeze that lifts the orange and yellow coloured leaves from the branches and sends them fluttering through the air before they land on the gentle rivers surface. You observe these leaves floating on by, but I want you to now imagine that each leaf is a though, fluttering through your mind.

The average person has about 48-50 thoughts per minute according to numerous surveys that can be found by asking the question in Google.

Imagine 48 to 50 leaves floating by you and each of these leaves being a thought. It’s better for us if we let them float on by otherwise, if you’re going to stop each one and attach yourself to it, we’re going to get into an awful tangled mess of thoughts. When this happens, we have lost control of our thinking and our head is *u****!

When we attach ourselves to a thought/leaf, it can be likened to jumping on the DRAMA ROUNDABOUT, because this roundabout is going to grow with momentum and each thought that arrives after the last is growing and creating more fear. When on the drama roundabout, YOU are the director and star of your very own worst case, action packed, adrenaline creating movie filled with emotion. I’ve been here and I know that the majority of my movies were so unrealistic, but at the time, I was lost! This is because each time you fear something, another thought takes the original thoughts place and this is why it grows in momentum. You’re in a state of avoidance when this happens.

Learning to observe your thoughts will help you to recognise when you have jumped onto the drama roundabout and thereby give you the option to jump right back off again, because after all, it’s you who chooses what you want to focus on.

Mindful meditating will assist with helping you to focus on the present moment and observe your thinking. There are plenty of free guided meditations that last about 10 minutes, available on YouTube.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have days when I let my anxiety get the better of me, but the difference is, I take myself out of it when I realise that I’ve hopped onto that damn drama roundabout. Prior to mindful meditation, I would be on auto-pilot a lot of the time and just not aware of what I was doing.

Be in the present moment

So, you’ve realised that you’re on the drama roundabout and you need to get off quickly. The answer is to stop what you’re doing and breathe and use your senses to bring yourself back to your present moment, where life is real, fun, exciting and beautiful.

The breath is key!

Stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath in slowly through your nose and then exhale slowly through your mouth. When breathing in deeply, you will feel your stomach and chest expand and when exhaling, you will feel the tension release from your body, especially your shoulders that will drop a significant height away from your ears. Try it out now, as usually all we need is about three breaths to steady ourselves and calm us down.

Using your senses

Next, use your senses and LOOK for 5 things in front of you. Then FEEL 4 things around you, LISTEN for 3 different sounds, 2 things you can SMELL and one thing you can TASTE.

Even if you can’t think of anything that you can taste, feel, smell, hear or see, you have taken yourself off the drama roundabout by bringing yourself back to the present moment, therefore not allowing that fear to grow with momentum.

You can use your senses at any time to feel and experience the beauty of life that sadly we don’t see when we are lost in our thoughts. Carry your Tourmaline with you and hold it when you want to feel comforted and use your senses on the Tourmaline, by feeling and observing it.

Don’t avoid problems

If you’re worried about something that might happen in the future, think about the worst case scenario from the movie you created and on a scale of one to ten, ask yourself the probability of that actually occurring.

Hopefully you will find that chances are relatively slim, but for those cases where it may occur, it’s time to face your fear.

Whatever your problem is, please don’t avoid it as this action alone sustains fear and allows it to grow.

What manageable, small steps can you take to lessen the impact?

Write them down on a to-do list and if you need to ask for help, please do so. Sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved and you will feel a lot better.

Like I said earlier, meditating and mindfulness are two easy steps to help you manage your thoughts and the fantastic news is that they can be combined into one.

Mindful Meditation with Tourmaline

You can perform a similar exercise when using your senses, with your piece of Tourmaline. If you don’t have Tourmaline, you can focus on any other crystal or your breath.

Set a timer for at least 5 minutes to begin with and increase when you’ve got the hang of it. I recommend you do this as part of your daily self-care routine.

  • Sit quietly with no distractions while holding your Tourmaline
  • Take at least three long deep breaths, (as described above) and gently close your eyes on your final exhale
  • Settle your breathing and notice how your body feels with every intake and exhale of your breath
  • Concentrate on your Tourmaline and see what you can feel, is it smooth, is it rough, is it warm to touch, is it sharp?
  • What if any emotions are you feeling while holding your Tourmaline?
  • Concentrate solely on your Tourmaline now without attaching yourself to any thoughts that may arise

If you notice that you’ve drifted off thinking about let’s say, what you’re going to have for your dinner, you need to smile and refocus back onto your breathing and the feel of your Tourmaline. Note, it’s natural for thoughts to arise so don’t be harsh on yourself with negative self-judgement. The object here is to observe these thoughts and let them go, which can be done by refocusing back onto your breathing or Tourmaline

At the end of your session, know that you have just given yourself a mental health spa treatment and the more you practice this, the easier it will become to manage your anxiety as you gain control of your thoughts.

Performing mindful meditations on a daily basis will help you with observing your thoughts. It will also help with your overall health of mind, body and soul.

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