Wellbeing Services

I’m pleased to offer the following wellbeing services, both in Liverpool and online. Simply click on a link for further information.

My wellbeing workshops can be found here.

Mental health and wellbeing services from Amanda of Gemstone Healing

Wellbeing services life mentor or coach

My role as a Wellbeing Life Mentor is to help you to build your inner strength, which will enable you to achieve success in both your personal life or career.

Think of me as your personal mind coach to help you achieve a positive mind-set.

Tarot reader based in Liverpool and online

Tarot cards reveal the truth and it can be likened to looking into a mirror. Instead of seeing just your reflection, the tarot cards reveal your suppressed thoughts and emotions that are not visible on the surface!

Unlocking these hidden aspects, together with my life coaching skills, will help you make the right decisions that can transform your life.

Reiki online or in Liverpool

I love providing Reiki sessions here in Liverpool and over long distances.

Reiki is a universal healing energy that help’s to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Click on the button below for further information.

Gemstone Healing Bracelets

From the moment I begin creating a gemstone healing bracelet, I’m infusing it with positive healing intention.

Find out more about my bracelets and what I can do for you.

NEW Wellbeing Services

Chakramanda Healing Package

I’m pleased to offer a brand new healing package that I’ve designed, which can be personalised to your requirements. Click on the button below for further information.

New services that are coming soon

Currently I’m working on introducing new services that involve offering meditation. If you’re curious and cannot wait, please take a look at meditating with crystals and my happy place journals.

Gemstone and Tarot Shop Liverpool
Gemstone and Tarot Shop in Liverpool

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