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Your new life beckons with me as your Wellbeing Life Mentor.

My soul purpose is to heal mind, body and soul so that you can see the beauty and feel the magic this universe has to offer.

All services are offered online via webcam or via telephone. Services in person are currently suspended due to COVID.

I have received a Reiki session and Tarot reading from Amanda. Felt so good after the session and the following week. My chakras were balanced and Tarot reading reflected exactly what I was going through also gave me the courage to make certain decisions in my life.
Absolutely loved it!
Can’t wait to have another session next time in Liverpool.
Thank you


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New life mentor or coach

My role as a Wellbeing Life Mentor is to help you to build your inner strength, which will enable you to achieve success in both your personal life or career.

I do offer a free 30 minute consultation with no obligation for you to assess if I’m the right coach for you.

Tarot readings

If you’re seeking insight into a particular situation, I can guide you with a tarot reading that’s full of positive energy.

You can ask the tarot cards a question about love, career or any aspect that’s on your mind.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a universal healing energy that help’s to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Click on the button below for further information.

Gemstone Healing Bracelets

From the moment I begin creating a gemstone healing bracelet, I’m infusing it with positive healing intention.

Find out more about my bracelets and what I can do for you.


Amanda Norman will help you rebuild a new life full of emotional wellbeing
Amanda Norman holding a piece of rainbow fluorite

With my life experience, training, skills and my caring, friendly nature, I can help you achieve personal success. Reading my journals and self-help guides will help you to find out more about me while benefiting on some excellent new life tips.

New Life Coaching and Mentoring

If you’re ready to work with me either in person or via webcam, please visit my services page or get in touch.

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