Meditating with Crystals

Meditating with crystals is not only good for healing, but it also helps us to connect with the energy of our crystal.

Amanda journals her experiences of meditating with crystals
Amanda journals her experiences of meditating with crystals

I believe wholeheartedly that having an enjoyable self-care routine is fundamental to our health and well-being. It’s also good to review and amend it on a regular basis so that we can avoid stagnation.

Following a recent review of mine, I decided to meditate with crystals on at least a weekly basis as it enhances my mental health and well-being.

Meditating with Crystals

Meditation is a form of healing and I always class it as a spa treatment for my mental health. Adding a crystal or a gemstone simply doubles that healing energy and you really can’t go wrong!

As I’ve recently completed my teacher meditation course (Dec 2020), I’m now looking at ways of offering meditation as part of my energy healing services. The problem here is that I find it a struggle to get people interested in trying a meditation.

Initially, I used to think that meditation was a waste of time as I couldn’t comprehend the thought of sitting there and not doing anything. My number one mistake was telling myself that I simply don’t have the time to to do this.

We need to try things out to discover what it’s all about and we shouldn’t always strive for perfection or instant results. We also have to understand the benefits of meditating. Primarily, we need to get rid of unrealistic expectations and as I have since learned, meditation isn’t about sitting there and doing nothing.

Your expectation of meditating should be open!

The benefits of meditation

  • Provides peace of mind and greater happiness
  • Better management of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Build self-esteem, self-confidence and attitude
  • Enhances creativity and your imagination
  • Increase attention, improve memory, control your thoughts, better solve complex problems
  • Get better sleep and control pain
  • Releases endorphins your brain’s natural feel-good chemical
  • Helps you to develop your intuition
  • Meditating with a crystal, doubles the healing

Think of meditating as a well deserved break from the constant chitter chatter and by taking this break, you are in the process of healing.

I would also consider the concept of avoidance, especially if you’re so opposed to trying a meditation. A lot of the time it’s far easier to avoid something that we don’t understand or what we feel we may fail at. Know that you cannot fail from giving your mind a much needed break and there are so many different styles of meditation to try before you find what works for you.

If you would like to try a meditation with me, please get in touch.

Meditation can help with anxiety

Today, we live in a quick fix society, where most things even dating can be achieved by a click of a button. I often wonder what future generations will be like and how it will affect their mental health. I can already see that anxiety is a major problem here in England.

In 2013, there were 8.2 million cases of anxiety disorder.

Around 1 in 6 adults (17% surveyed in England, met the criteria for a Common Mental Disorder in 2014. This was an increase of 2.9% since 1993

Key facts and figures – Anxiety UK

With meditation, I’ve slowly learned that it’s far better to go with the flow of life rather than to try and control things that are out of my control. Perfectionism is a negative behaviour and one that I realise that I’ve been striving to complete for years. If I could control every eventuality from happening around me, I would be happy. OUCH! No wonder I ended up diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder.

Meditation is a practice, not a one-off!

I recently discovered that I had slipped back into wanting perfection in everything that I do and I hadn’t realised until it started affecting my relationship. This was a prominent reminder that meditation is a practice and under no circumstances should you put it off for something else, hence the decision to re-evaluate my self-care routine.

This is why I’ve decided to include meditating with crystals as part of my weekly self-care routine. Other types of meditation will be done every morning without fail and I will also continue visiting my ‘happy place’ during meditation once a week.

How I meditate with a crystal

Meditating with a crystal doubles the healing energy and it also helps us to connect with its energy.

Have you ever wondered why you’re drawn to a particular crystal?

Meditating with your chosen crystal will help you discover why.

Cleansing your crystal

Firstly though, you do need to cleanse your crystal, because over time they absorb negative energy. Even if they’re brand new from the shop, think about how many people have handled it prior to you. For information on how to do this, please read Cleansing Crystals.

Ensure that your room is free of distractions and that it’s comfortable. I prefer to sit up during my meditation to allow the healing energy to travel through all of my chakras. Put on some soothing music, light your incense and set a timer if needed for at least 10 minutes.

Prior to starting the meditation, I like to take the time to inspect and feel my crystal. This makes it easier to focus on the mental image of your crystal once you close your eyes.

Questions to inspire your meditation with a crystal

Below I’ve listed some questions that you can think about while focusing on your crystal during a meditation.

  • How do you feel right now holding your crystal?
  • Has anything changed within?
  • Can you visualise your crystal clearly in your mind’s eye?
  • Does it look different in your mind’s eye?
  • What does it feel like? (Temperature changes, sensation of energy, pulsations, vibrations, feel)
  • What emotions come to mind?
  • Has the shape or feel of the crystal changed?
  • Have any thoughts come to your mind and if so what are they?
  • Where does the energy of the crystal travel to in your body?
Amanda's piece of Carnelian that she meditated with
Amanda’s piece of Carnelian that she meditated with

Journal your experience of meditating with a crystal

All of the above are questions to guide you into thinking about what your crystal provides you with. By automatic writing in your journal immediately after your meditation, you will be astounded at what you discover and this will also help you to be guided by your intuition a lot more.

I meditated with a piece of natural Carnelian as I wanted to focus on my root chakra. As you can see in the photograph above, my piece of Carnelian has some deep colours of red and brown, which resonate beautifully with the root chakra. It does also have shades of orange that will resonate with my sacral and white that will resonate with my crown.

What I discovered is this: –

  • Heat from the Carnelian intensified in my hands and I could feel the energy, softly pulsating
  • I couldn’t visualise the energy of the crystal travelling to my root chakra. It stopped at my sacral. My intuition tells me that my sacral chakra needs the energy more than my root
  • I felt at one with myself and I know that this piece of Carnelian supports me. If I’m feeling vulnerable, I know to hold my Carnelian
  • I thought that 10 minutes would be a long time and I didn’t set a timer. 20 minutes was how long I spent and I could have easily taken longer. In future I need to take as long as I need
  • I perfected my meditating with crystals script to breathe in the energy of the crystal and think about where it goes
  • I felt inspired to write this blog

There’s no rush with the timing for the meditation or journal writing. The more energy you invest in you is representative of how positive you will feel and doing this on a regular basis will facilitate balance of mind, body and soul.

Meditating with Amanda

If you would like to join me in a guided meditation, please get in touch.

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